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Delta Energy Online helps you spend money wisely to reach a win-win energy strategy and maintain a perfect balance between energy saving and business growth. With global time-zone data conversion support, enterprises can easily extend the scalable energy management system Delta Energy Online to their worldwide facilities. In addition, users can benefit more from evaluating efficient energy use with the advanced Measurement and Verification feature which can accurately evaluate the results of an energy-saving strategy.
  Scalable Enterprise-Grade Energy Management
tab_dot Global Time Zone Data Conversion for Cross Region Energy Management
tab_dot Extends one scalable system to a worldwide organization with a systematic and efficient energy management information network.
tab_dot Adopts UTC timing mode and provides data conversion from any time zone to solve presentation issues for a multinational enterprise’s global data.
tab_dot Data aggregation, scheduling and control of abnormal status are adjusted and display per the difference of time zones and daylight saving time.
tab_dot Territory-Management of Energy Use
tab_dot Quick view of all cross-building/region benchmarking of energy use
tab_dot       - Per customer demand for management, users can set up a multi-level management structure for
      cross-region/building energy use comparison.
tab_dot Achieves seamless organization-aligned authorization
tab_dot       - Managers can access different levels of energy use information per authorization setting.
Measurement & Verification for Evaluating Energy Savings
tab_dot Utilizes the energy use data for baseline construction
tab_dot Visualized performance comparison before and after implementation of energy strategy
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