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  Auto Industry Driving Toward Smart Manufacturing – Delta’s Automation and Smart, Green Manufacturing Success Cases Impress Thai Market at Automotive Summit 2017
Delta joined the Automotive Summit 2017 in Thailand from June 21~22, along with hundreds of attendees from the local automotive industry. Mr. Johnny Tam, Sales and Marketing Business Development Director of Delta Electronics (Thailand), gave a keynote speech during the event that introduced several Delta success stories about providing automation and smart, green manufacturing solutions to auto-parts manufacturers and car companies. The pace of the automotive industry is accelerating with cutting edge technology and advanced production techniques, which are key factors in steadily driving the automobile industry forward. Standardization, advanced production tooling and innovative techniques are required to produce modern vehicles, which is why the automotive industry must be organized in a more efficient way to respond of change. To accelerate the development of the automotive industry in Thailand, the Thailand Automotive Institute (TAI) holds the Automotive Summit every year as a major and comprehensive event to deliver new knowledge about automobile technology and development trends, auto-parts testing and standards. Hundreds of experts, manufacturers, car company representatives, and customers in the local automotive industry attend this annual “automotive festival” every year. At the opening day of the summit, the Minister of Industry, H.E. Dr. Uttama Savanayana, gave a keynote address and said, “The production of electric vehicles will be centered in the Eastern Economic Corridor.” Under this initiative, the Thai government seeks to promote and introduce new technologies to vehicle and parts manufacturers for advancement in the automobile industry. Delta was invited to attend the Automotive Summit for the first time this year. Mr. Johnny Tam participated in the event as a guest speaker, and shared several major application cases about using Delta’s automation products and solutions to enhance auto-parts productivity and energy efficiency for auto-part suppliers and car companies. “As a global leader in power supplies, Delta has focused on the development of energy-saving products and green solutions since its founding in 1971. We also value industrial automation technology to improve productivity and achieve smart manufacturing. At this summit, we presented many great success stories to share how we have assisted our customers in the automotive industry build more efficient production lines with our industrial automation products and solutions, robots, and monitoring software. Their cases were a valuable experience, and are worth sharing with more customers who are willing to achieve smart, green manufacturing while saving energy, manpower and operation costs.” said Mr. Johnny Tam. Delta’s success stories in the automotive industries shared during the summit include: • Smart Machines : Delta provided a remote monitoring solution to a large car rims and metallic parts supplier to oversee more than ten CNC machines synchronously in the factory. Delta’s Equipment IoT Platform DIALink was applied to every CNC machine to collect operation data, which is transmitted to Delta’s DIAView SCADA system for analysis and remote monitoring by the Industrial Ethernet Switch DVS Series. This solution ensures the smooth operation of all the on-site CNC machines as well as high product quality. • Industrial Robot Workstation : Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS Series (4-axis), Articulated Robot DRV Series (6-axis), robot control system and peripheral automation products build integrated robot workstations for inspection, screw driving, PCB soldering, function tests and more, and are perfect for flexible auto-parts manufacturing. • Manufacturing Execution System (MES) : Delta provides an MES for a leading manufacturer of vehicle lighting and large automotive parts supplier, which helped them track and record production progress and process status on their production lines. This solution allows customers to enhance production management efficiency and quality, and reduce time and cost for changeovers and manpower. • Equipment Management Solution : The car paint plant of a well-known auto brand uses Delta’s Statistical Process Control (SPC), Warehouse Management System (WMS) and CIM PC System (CPC) to collect and analyze manufacturing process and equipment data for its car painting equipment and processes. With the detailed information and analysis, the customer is able to adjust production processes and conduct preventive maintenance accordingly. This solution helps users improve equipment management efficiency and usage rate. • Facility Management and Control Solution (FMCS) : Delta’s DIAView SCADA system and DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System support a car company in monitoring facility operations and energy consumption of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in its factory. The DIAView monitors the facility operation and the DIAEnergie records and analyzes power consumption. With the data collection and analysis, the factory and company managers are able to make up more efficient operation modes and energy strategies for optimized management. • Energy Saving and Management Solution : Delta’s industrial automation solution helps a well-known global tire company improve the energy efficiency of its air compressing system. This solution adopts Delta’s Vector Control Drive C2000 Series, along with human machine interfaces (HMIs) and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), to conduct variable frequency control for the air compressors. This helps shorten the full-load operation time of the air compressors and reduces energy consumption by 20%. Another global tire and rubber company integrates Delta’s DIAEnergie Industrial Energy Management System, Hot Swappable Mid-range PLCs, HMI, and power meters to monitor and collect real-time facility energy consumption. This solution successfully enhances management efficiency, replaces manual power usage recording to avoid human errors, and reduces operation cost.
Automotive Summit 2017 in Thailand
Delta Electronics (Thailand) Sales and Marketing, Business Development Director, Mr. Johnny Tam shares six success stories about providing automation and smart manufacturing solutions to auto-parts manufacturers and car companies.
Mr. Johnny Tam (Left), Director of Sales and Marketing, Business Development at Delta Electronics (Thailand) together with host of the event, Dr. Nattapol Rangsitpol (Right), Acting President of TAI during opening day of the summit.
Mr. Johnny Tam (Right), Director of Sales and Marketing, Business Development at Delta Electronics (Thailand) is recognized for his contribution as guest speaker of the event
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