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  Event Review: Delta IA Impresses Visitors with Multi-axis Motion Control at CIROS 2017
Delta Industrial Automation (IA) participated in the 6th China International Robot Show (CIROS 2017) that took place from July 5th to 8th at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai). At the show, Delta IA showcased its series of industrial robots, including the SCARA Robot DRS40L/60 Series and Articulated Robot DRV70L/90 Series, as well as several industrial robot applications, including the Truss-type Robotic Arm Solution, High-speed Robotic Sorting Solution, Robot Control Solution, and Automated Palletizing Solution. Demonstrating its strong and comprehensive integration of industrial robot applications, Delta captured the attention of show attendees. Delta’s industrial robots offer outstanding performance in speed, precision, linearity and verticality, and can engage in industrial processing at high speed and high precision. Matched with automation equipment such as the Machine Vision System DMV Series and smart sensors, Delta’s industrial robots greatly enhance processing efficiency by performing quality inspections and counting. At the show, Delta’s industrial robot models and solutions demonstrated flexibility and precision in motion control. Delta’s featured solutions at CIROS 2017 include: Articulated Robot DRV90L Series: As Delta’s latest 6-axis industrial robot model the Articulated Robot DRV90L Series won the Taiwan Excellence Silver award for outstanding quality, elegant exterior design, and comprehensive functions. The hardware design of the DRV90L Series embodies a hollow design of the robot wrist to promote high-flexibility in multi-angle processing and multi-task operations. Playing a helpful role in smart manufacturing, the DRV90L Series fulfills several industrial tasks such as screw locking, assembly, glue dispensing, soldering, pick-and-place, stacking, inspection, load and unload and many other applications for the consumer electronics, electrics/electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, machine tools and metal fabrication industries. SCARA Robot DRS40L/60 Series: This series offers excellent speed, precision, linearity and verticality for robot functions, and features sensor-free compliance control functions. The compliance control function allows the SCARA robot to subtly adjust for differences between work pieces and insertion spots to avoid possible damage during processing, which promotes efficient and precise assembly, gluing, packaging and many other applications. Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS40L/60L Series is suitable for several industries such as consumer electronics, electrics/electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, metal fabrications and many more. Truss-type Robotic Arm Solution: With years of service and proven technology, Delta IA’s Truss-type Robotic Arm Solution provides high-speed and high-precision processing capabilities to meet various machining operations such as load and unload. Matched with the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series and permanent AS Servo Motors ECMA Series, this solution achieves 3-dimensional motion control by meeting positioning accuracy up to 0.02mm for precise robotic arms control. Its modular structure with easy installation and maintenance provides stable and reliable control to truss-type robotic arms. In addition, customers can adjust the machine via teaching pendants; the operating interface can also be customized based on a customer’s demands such as adding function blocks and adjusting the dashboard to realize convenient settings and safe equipment tuning. High-speed Robotic Sorting Solution: This solution adopts the Robot Controller with Servo Drive Integrated ASDA-MS Series. Equipped with the AC servo systems and Machine Vision System DMV Series, it can precisely position SCARA Robot DRS40L Series and perform high-speed sorting of work pieces on the assembly line. The technology of robotic high-speed sorting can be applied to various industrial processes. In the pharmaceutical industry, it helps sort medicine products, and discards stained or chipped pills. In the logistics industry, it helps with high-speed distribution of parcels. Delta’s High-speed Robotic Sorting Solution assists various industries integrate production lines, and enhance their overall production efficiency. Robot Control Solution: As a comprehensive robot control solution that integrates a robot controller with servo drives and AC servo systems, this solution offers two alternatives based on customers’ demands. The first alternative is designed for applications with fewer axis-control: Customers can opt for the AC Servo Drive ASDA-M Series and the ASDA-A2 Series to precisely position up to 4 permanent AC Servo Motors ECMA Series to control robotic arms. Another alternative is especially suitable for multi-axis control. It offers the Robot Controller with Servo Drive Integrated ASDA-MS Series as the selection for main controller. This model adopts up to 4 axes for motion control, and can extend up to an additional 6 axes via high-speed protocols to fulfill precise and powerful motion control efficiency. Delta’s Robot Control Solution is equipped with various intuitive teaching methods for more versatile approaches for robot control. Customers can choose touch panels, human machine interfaces or computers to give commands. Matched with the Handheld Human Machine Interface HMC Series, customers can easily adjust machines or troubleshoot. In addition, this solution can enhance overall processing performance by adopting the Standard/Slim PLC DVP Series to set up a processing schedule for flexible production, or equipping the Machine Vision System DMV Series to perform defect inspection, where testing results are shown on the HMI DOP Series’ touchscreen via high-speed Ethernet communication. Automated Palletizing Solution: Palletizers substitute human labor for loading pallets and are commonly applied in the packaging, warehouse and logistics industries. Delta’s Palletizing Solution contains the PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series, and for motion control, it is equipped with the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2 Series. This solution adopts simple wiring and high machine synchronization for customers, and its user-friendly panel enables customers to give commands and develop customized interfaces, which allows customers to make real-time adjustments for motion control. Jimmy Jiang, the manager of the Robot Product Department at Delta GreenTech (China) Co., Ltd. said, ”The industrial robot industry is a fast-growing emerging industry, and it will play a crucial role in future manufacturing and social development. Compared with western countries or Japan where robotic applications are more advanced, industrial robots used in China are still relatively rare. However, assisted by the Chinese Government, the industrial robot industry in China still contains great potential. With its 20 years in industrial automation, Delta has accumulated critical technologies in the research of robot products, which has led to excelling in industrial integration with robot products. Before launching to the market in 2016, Delta’s robot products had been applied on Delta’s internal production lines for years, which improved its robot capabilities by providing critical knowledge via field testing. Now, Delta has launched the SCARA Robot DRS40L and DRS60L Series to the market, and has developed integrated solutions that can quickly and precisely program and complete assembly, screw driving, pick and place, palletizing, packaging, and more.” At the fair, Delta IA exhibited a broad range of products and solutions, revealing that with its years of experience and development, Delta has become an expert in integrating industrial robot products and technology for industrial automation. Delta continues to provide high efficiency solutions for our customer with automation for a changing world.
Delta’s abundant industrial automation products showcased at CIROS 2017 capture the attention of visitors
Delta’s High-Speed Robotic Sorting Solution integrates the SCARA Robot and the Machine Vision System DMV Series and can be applied in many industries
Delta’s crew at the fair explains the structure of the Automated Palletizing Solution. Matched with the Handheld Human Machine Interface HMC Series, customers can easily adjust machines and troubleshoot
Delta’s crew introduces customers to the Robot Control Solution that adopts the Robot Controller with Servo Drive Integrated ASDA-MS Series to acieve multi-axis motion control
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