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  Event Review: Delta IA Presents Multi-axis Control and Automated Integration at Expo Pack 2017
Delta Industrial Automation (IA) participated in the 32nd Expo Pack 2017 that took place from June 13th at Guadalajara, Jalisco. Expo Pack is one of the biggest packaging shows with comprehensive scale of exhibits in Latin America, where thousands of suppliers come to participate for this event. At the fair, Delta IA debut the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series in Latin America, and also showcased the PC-Based Multi-axis Motion Control Solution with EtherCAT Communication, the Inductive Proximity Sensor IS Series and the SCARA Robot DRS40L/60 Series. Providing high-efficiency and meeting the packaging industry’s demands for industrial automation, Delta’s products and solutions captured the attention of show attendees. At the show, Delta’s exhibited products and solutions revealed high-productivity and the capabilities for precise motion control. The featured solutions at Expo Pack 2017 include: Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series: With unique vision, Delta develops the whole new controller model that covers the demanding market between high-end low-range PLCs and low-end mid-range PLCs. The Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series fulfills the demand for machine automation that allows existing equipment to execute more advanced motion controls and applications. It also fulfills standard factory automation with its outstanding performance without customers purchasing expensive high-end control hardware. The AS300 Series features modular design, high-speed processing, protocol integration, drive agreement integration, and patented installation. Compared with other competing brands’ products in the same market orientation, the outstanding performance of the AS300 Series is still advantageous. Modular Design: The AS300 Series allows customers to upgrade demanding functions based on their needs to realize flexible extension High Speed Processing: Generally, execution units built within the conventional core is difficult to perform high-speed processing, and the control efficiency is also restraint by the slow-loading bus. To overcome this issue, the AS300 Series is equipped with the self-developed core that integrates decode, memory, execution and I/O units into a mono processing core, the System on Chip(SoC). It allows high-speed processing for PLC programming, and greatly enhances program execution speed to 25 nanoseconds(ns). In addition, the built-in high-speed pulse can reach to the maximum frequency output for up to 4MHz and 12 points output. Compared with other brands’ products which the frequency output can only be reached to 200kHz with 6 points, the AS300 Series contains high-efficiency and outstanding processing capabilities Protocol Integration: The AS300 Series integrates several commonly used communication protocols within the master controller, including USB, RS-232, RS-485, RS422, Ethernet and CANOpen. With more than 2 times of built-in protocols comparing to the competing brands’ model could provide, the AS300 Series realizes powerful protocol integration Drive Agreement Integration: The AS300 Series provides high-integrity with Delta’s automation products. The AS300 Series adopts up to 8 axes positioning via CANOpen protocol and 6 axes(or 12 points) via high-speed pulse to realize multi-axis positioning with a single controller. This powerful controller is also built in communication agreements for Delta’s automation products, including inverters and AC servo systems. The program setting can be done by simply following the intuitive setting steps via the AS300 programming software, the ISPSoft. With this built-in database, customers do not need to set up equipment accordingly. In addition, the programmed parameters can be saved in the AS300 Series. Once the controller is under maintenance, technicians do not need to start over the setting and adjustment again. The AS300 Series features the drive agreement integration with Delta’s exclusive communication commands, and allows customers to save time for cultivating technicians and programming equipment accordingly, which helps customers to reduce the cost for customer service Patented Installation: Delta’s patented installation method allows customers to install devices in vertical direction. Without moving all module for clearing a space, the device can be easily replaced. In addition, with the patented clip design for non-backplane installation, the whole module can be locked with a simple press on the clips. Simply press the clip rings and insert the module to the DIN-rain to complete installation, this quick and easy design brings customers a whole new experience for module installation At the fair, Delta successfully demonstrated the AS300 with its high-precision multi-axis motion control: the AS300 simultaneously controls the Compact Drive M300 Series and the motors from a third party brand, as well as controls the Vector Control Drive C2000 Series for supplying power via EtherNet/IP protocol. On the other hand, the AS300 Series controls the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2R Series, which precisely positions the Linear Stage LA-S Series. With the outstanding performance in multi-axis positioning, the AS300 won the 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award and the annual best PLC products in 2016 from the control magazine PC-Based Multi-axis Motion Control Solution with EtherCAT Communication: As one of the highlighted solutions at the show, this solution adopts the PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series that precisely controls 16 sets of the AC Servo Drive ASDA-A2-E Series via EtherCAT communication protocol; its highly precise and stable performance in motion control impressed the audience. As the key equipment for this integrated solution, the MH1 Series can be installed the programming editor ISPSoft or DOPSoft, where customers can set up commands via these modular and intuitive interfaces. With the MH1 Series’ high-compatibility, customers can also opt for third party IMP software to edit program. For demonstrating distant data transmission, the 3G Cloud Router DX2100 Series transmits data of power meters to Delta’s self-developed cloud platform, the DIACloud, which allows customers to acquire information for factory management. In addition, using the DIACloud to integrate data collected from on-site equipment and host controllers, this solution then adopts the SCADA System DIAViews for customers to monitor and adjust operating processes to realize the application of IIoT. Inductive Proximity Sensor IS Series: Since smart sensor products are commonly used in the packaging industry, Delta introduces the Inductive Proximity Sensor IS Series to the market. The IS Series is designed based on the industry standard, and offers two cylindrical-type sizes, M12 and M18, for broader detecting range. In addition, the IS Series adopts both IP67 certification and electrical circuit protection, to increase operation safety. SCARA Robot DRS40L/60 Series: This series offers excellent speed, precision, linearity and verticality for robot functions, and features sensor-free compliance control functions. The built-in compliance control function allows the SCARA robot to subtly adjust for differences between work pieces and insertion spots to avoid possible damage during processing, which promotes efficient and precise assembly and packaging processes. Matched with other industrial automation products such as teaching pendants, the Machine Vision System DMV Series and smart sensors, Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS40L/60L Series offers a high-efficiency and stable packaging assembly integration, which enhances the overall production speed and fulfills the demands for industrial automation to the packaging industry. The fair this year attracted many local students and faculties to visit Delta’s booth. In order for visitors to learn more about Delta’s controller products, Delta launched two PLC Starter Kits, one equipped with the Network Type Advanced Slim PLC DVP-12SE Series, and one with the Standard Slim PLC DVP-14SS2 Series. Each kit includes programming software, a quick start manual, a power supply, an I/O simulation board, cable accessories, and a Widescreen HMI DOP-B Series. The Starter Kits aim to help customers easily and quickly learn the basic programming and operation of Delta PLC products, and also to pioneer Delta’s brand identity to the local market. Compared with the fair last year, the scale of 2017 Expo Pack has prominently grown three times: around 500 suppliers attended this grand event, and more than 15,000 visitors in the packaging industry from Mexico and other Central American regions came to the show. Delta has revealed its outstanding industrial automation products and smart manufacturing solutions at the fair, and will continue to establish brand identity throughout Latin America with automation for a changing world.
Delta IA’s crew at 2017 Expo Pack
Carlos Ramirez, the Region Manager of Delta Industrial Automation, Mexico Branch Office, introduces the automation solution for the packaging industry that integrates equipment via high-speed protocols to the guest
The Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series supports up to 8 axes via CANOpen protocols and 6 axes via pulse train
The PC-Based Host Motion Controller MH1 Series provides high-precision and high-speed motion control solution for customers
News Source: IABGMarcom
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