Ventilation Fans

Core Technology

    High Efficiency DC Motor  
+ DC Brushless Motor – all Delta DC brushless fan motors run continuously for 70,000 hours
+ Quiet – measured at the lowest noise level a bath fan has ever been certificated by HVI (Home Ventilation Institute)
+ Low Energy Costs – consumes up to 85% less energy than other leading fans, with as little as 4 watts versus 45 watts
    Design & Analysis  
Delta's design and analysis technology utilizes 3D and 2D tools to conduct thorough examination during the design and production phases. Software simulations to enable the highest standards of performance include: Molding Analysis, Structure Analysis, Flow Analysis and CFD.
    Reliability & Testing  
Laboratory testing of Delta ventilation products analyzes functionality, durability under harsh conditions, and construction for long life.
The Basic Function Test checks current, speed and noise, while the Safety Test includes leakage current, Hipot (high potential), ground bond and insulation testing. Comprehensive reliability testing continues with:

Low Temperature and High Temp/Rating Voltage on/off Test
Temperature Cycling & Power Switching
Impeller Locked Test
Thermal Shock
Humidity Exposure
Water Spray
Random Vibration and Drop (packing)
Operational and Non-operation Vibration
Mechanical Shock
Life Test
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