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  Event Review: Delta IA Joins WEFTEC 2017 to Showcase Smart Automation Solutions
Delta Industrial Automation (IA) presented a comprehensive portfolio of industrial automation products and solutions for smart manufacturing and water treatment at the WEFTEC 2017 show from September 30th to October 4th at McCormick Place, Chicago, U.S.A. WEFTEC 2017 is the world’s largest water treatment conference and exhibition event.

Many visitors were impressed by Delta’s latest energy-efficient products, including the Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series, the Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series, the High Performance Mid-range PLC AH500 Series, the Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and more. Matched with Delta’s self-developed cloud platform (DIACloud) and a variety of smart products, Delta offered highly efficient and energy-saving solutions for seamless support of customers’ legacy infrastructure with enhanced connectivity features vital to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) movement.

“As a global company with more than 20 years of industrial automation expertise, Delta is well positioned to provide the knowledge and support that waste water management professionals need,” said M.S. Huang, president of Delta Americas. “The array of technologies that we offer makes us a one-stop-shop for the water management market. We are confident that our solutions can help machine builders and end users overcome many of the integration issues they are facing today. With Delta, they can successfully complete a project quickly and effectively.”

In response to the theme of “water treatment”, Delta showcased various automation products and solutions that are applicable to large-scale sewage treatment and water purification plants, drawing attention from industry leaders and visitors. The featured products included:

The Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series
Delta’s CP2000 Series Control Drive utilizes intelligent PID control to provide maximum energy efficiency and offers a superior power range as compared to competitors, spanning 1HP all the way to 840HP. It also allows for a wide range of input voltages, including 230 VAC, 480 VAC, and 600/690 VAC. The sensorless vector control built into the series offers timely response to load torque increase/decrease that satisfies customer requirements for load changes to enhance motor application performance. Applied to water treatment, the CP2000 Series is able to control hydraulic pressure, temperature and constant position that can provide a regular water supply to meet a variety of requirements, while also enhancing the durability of water pumps and valves. These features, plus a built-in full-text LCD programmable keypad, allow users to customize the main page screen, and increase the functionality to the full range of water pump and fan applications.

The Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series
Delta’s Standard Compact Drive MS300 Series is among the smallest drives in Delta’s drive product line. It supports both induction and permanent magnet motors, providing a superior drive performance for a wide range of machines and units. Features include a built-in PLC, Electromagnetic Compatibility Filter, Safe-Torque-Off (STO), USB port and LCD keypad with shuttle dial that bring convenience, safety and high efficiency to its users. The most remarkable feature of the MS300 Series is its compact design, with up to 40% size reduction compared to existing models, saving space and reducing cost for installation.

The Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series
Delta’s Hot Swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series is designed for advanced industrial equipment and system integration. This model adopts high-speed program process capacity (1k steps/ 0.3ms), various I/O modules and a hot-swapping function that serves to support a variety of complex processing and precise control applications. The hot-swapping function can also provide reliable and continuous program controls to each substation, ensuring continuous water treatment processing during maintenance.

The Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series
Delta’s Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS300 Series is a high-performance, multi-purpose controller designed for a diverse range of automation equipment. It features Delta’s self-developed 32-bit System-on-a-Chip (SoC) design for enhanced speed at 40k steps/ms and supports up to 32 extension modules without compromising performance. With the Human Machine Interface (HMI), users are able to use an e-Server to record, monitor and diagnose system operation as well as a built-in database to efficiently control and manage water treatment processes for a complete solution.

Echoing smart manufacturing and management, Delta can connect various Ethernet Switches DVS Series and IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless AP DVW Series to its automation products for transmitting information. The collected data can be automatically uploaded to Delta’s self-developed DIACloud via the DVS and DVW Series, enabling users to access them via internet or mobile applications for remote monitoring and control. Delta’s Ethernet Switches DVS Series also provides stable and high speed transmission efficiency, ensuring that data exchange is secure end-to-end. With Delta’s smart automation products and solutions, water treatment processes can be effectively managed with little effort, achieving cost-efficiency.

At the event visitors broadened their knowledge on a wide range of automation products and solutions and learned more about Delta’s rich experience in the field of water treatment.
Delta IA’s sales team at WEFTEC 2017
Delta IA’s sales team at WEFTEC 2017
Delta’s booth attracted many visitors with its automation products and solutions for smart manufacturing and water treatment.
Delta’s booth attracted many visitors with its automation products and solutions for smart manufacturing and water treatment.
News Source: IABG Marcom
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