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  Delta DIAView SCADA Software for Air Compressor Systems Enhances Efficiency with Real-time Monitoring and Control
With current trends in smart manufacturing, traditional factories are integrating multiple network technologies to link personnel, equipment, information, and processes together to form Internet of Machines (IoM) or machine-to-machine communication for smart factories. Under the concept of IoM, machines in smart factories are monitored via host PCs for operation processes and to reduce equipment failure or idle equipment, which provides operators with situation control at anytime and anywhere. Recently, Delta successfully provided a customer in mainland China with a total air compressor system solution by using the DIAView SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system to collect all equipment data and monitor real-time equipment operation. In addition SCADA offers efficient alarm management, historical data and other data analysis tools to enhance air compressor operation and management with greater efficiency. Air compressors are widely used in factories to provide compressed air for machines, yet traditional maintenance methods are time consuming and rely heavily on manpower to examine each machine one by one. The amount of air flow also varies among air compressors which causes power consumption to fluctuate and results equipment failure since it is extremely difficult for equipment operators to monitor machine life or energy consumption. Delta offers the customer a machine-to-machine solution for air compressor with IIoT technology to achieve highly efficient manufacturing processes. The solution adopts Delta’s programmable logic controller DVP-SE Series to determine the priority of air compressors for specific air flow amounts as well as data gathering. All of this information is quickly transmitted via the industrial Ethernet switch DVS Series to SCADA for operators to obtain real-time operation information and adjust parameters via remote control. In this case, the Delta SCADA is customized with a power consumption priority mode and a machine life priority mode. The power consumption priority mode allows air compressors with the least power consumption to operate first to reduce equipment repair; while machine life priority mode ensures all machines are equipped with longer life expectancy via machine-to-machine networks. Delta’s DIAView SCADA allows customers to monitor real-time equipment operation anytime and at any location. The software also provides highly convenient alarm notification by automatically sending messages to relevant operators for abnormal machine functions. In addition, operators can easily collect information on air compressor operations via SCADA’s diversified data visualization tools, including graphs, bar graphs or forms for important energy consumption or a machine lifespan data display. Delta’s machine-to-machine solution for air compressors adopts IIoT and advanced technology, which allows customers to monitor and control multiple air compressors with great flexibility and converts traditional ways of monitoring towards smart manufacturing.
Delta’s machine-to-machine solution for air compressors adopts SCADA software to monitor real-time machine operation and enhances overall production efficiency
Delta’s machine-to-machine solution for air compressors adopts SCADA software to monitor real-time machine operation and enhances overall production efficiency
News Source: IABGMarcom
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