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The ASDA-Soft Configuration Software provides an MSizing Tool function. Using this function, how do I select the appropriate servo motors?

1.Enable ASDA-Soft version V4.XX or V5.XX, click [Tools] and select [MSizing Tool] from the drop-down menu to open the [MSizing Tool] dialog window.

2.You will see seven types of transmission devices for the motor's mechanism in the left side of the [MSizing Tool] dialog window. You can choose the type of transmission device first and input its specifications, such as screw pitch, great ratio, max. moving speed, acceleration, deceleration and other required data or conditions.

3.The right side of the [MSizing Tool] dialog window consists of four major functions: the User Input Parameter tab, the Motor Specific tab, the Density Table tab, and the Properties tab. Click on the corresponding tab to access its functions. The User Input Parameter tab is the default tab. In the User Input Parameter tab, you may define the required parameters according to your application needs. In the Motor Specific tab, you can search all of Delta's servo motor specifications listed here for your reference. In the Density Table tab and Properties tab, you can use optional settings to further define the required servo motors. For example, if you set the max. motor load inertia ratio to 15, it means the load should have no more than 15 times the moment of inertia of the motor rotor that is driving it. When matching motor to load, doing this allows for safe sizing over a wide range of applications.

4.When you click the 'Calculate' button, the MSizing Tool function calculates the motor specifications, such as torque, speed, and inertia requirements and processes all motor data from the database and then generates the calculation process and calculation result and then creates a list of all motors that match your application specifications.

5.The MSizing Tool function will recommend three optimum servo motors for one servo drive, but it also allows you to make your own choice from the motor list.

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