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How do I work on the parameter settings when using the servo drive ASDA-A2 series with the human machine controller HMC series?

Confirm the setting and servo drive version:

-Setup P3-00 for servo drive station number. In DMCNet, it must have station 1..

Setup P1-01 in control mode of servo drive:

When set P1-01= x00b, the drive is using DMCNET

Setup P3-01 for drive communication:

-For general servo drive, set P3-01 = 0203

-For 4-axis synchronous control drive, set P3-01= 5203

How to clear the alarm of servo drive:

-Servo drive’s alarm reset, set 【FAULT RESET】(R592, R593, R594, …) to ON

-Make sure【SERVO FAULT】(R1104, R1105, R1106, …) is set to OFF

-Make sure【SERVO WARNING】(R1120, R1121, R1122, …) is set to OFF

How to activate servo

-The servo axis that executes motion has to be activated. Set【Servo On】(R576, R577, R578,…) to On.

-Make sure the servo drive is On. Set 【Servo On】(R1072, R1073, R1074,…) to On.

Release Quick Stop

-【Quick stop】(R528, R529, R530,…) of the servo axis that executes motion hasto be Off.

-Make sure the quick stop status of the servo drive is released. Set【Servo quickstop release】(R1088, R1089, R1090, …) to On.

-If the quick stop status cannot be released, please check the DI setting of the servo drive.


-When it is not in Handwheel status, make sure 【Handwheel activate】(R608, R609, R610, …) is set to Off.
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