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C2000 VFD Panel Package

Standard Panel Solutions - C2000 VFD Panel Package
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The Delta C2000 VFD Panel Package offers a simple and effective solution for the control and protection of an AC induction motor for general purpose variable speed applications.

With a standard NEMA 3R rating, theses engineered panels feature the leading technology of the C2000 Field Oriented Control VFD designed with -10 to 50°C operating temperature range. They deliver a maintenance friendly design that eliminates the need for additional cooling such as air conditioners or heat exchangers.
tab_dot Outdoor Pump systems in any climate
tab_dot Chiller Pumps
tab_dot Wastewater pumps
tab_dot Artificial Lift
tab_dot Irrigation water pumps
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tab_dot Outdoor rated NEMA 3R panel
tab_dot C2000 Variable Frequency Drive
tab_dot Up to 100HP for 230V are wall mounted. The 125HP is floor mounted
tab_dot Up to 150HP for 480V are wall mounted. 175HP and above are floor mounted
tab_dot 3% Input Line Reactor included, Output Line Reactor optional
tab_dot Internal Fan included, space heater and thermostat optional
tab_dot Drive Heat Sink vented to outside air on wall mounted panels
tab_dot Lightning arrestor and Weather Kit to shield from rain, sun, and snow included
tab_dot UL508A rated

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