DFM Series

DFM is Delta new air flow sensor series, with compact size and friendly use setting, can fulfill many operating environment and narrow space installation demand.

DFM using thermopile technology, compare traditional sensing methods, thermopile technology can be more accurate and stable. DFM also has built-in 3 layers of current velocity stable net, no need to reserve pipe length to avoid air turbulence.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • Accurate measurement
  • Bidirectional gas flow measurement design without restricting gas flow direction
  • Embedded 3-layer tranquilizer to stabilize gas flow
  • Built-in flow stabilized device for user-friendly installation on existing pipes
  • High quality LCD display
  • Cylinder gas flow usage measurement
  • Gas flow measurement of static eliminator
  • Coating gas flow measurement
  • Equipment gas flow consumption measurement
  • Gas filling flow control for food packaging
  • Offers voltage, current, and digital signal outputs
  • Provides Ф8 quick connector for pipes of 8mm diameters
  • Built-in measurement functions include: instantaneous flow value, accumulated flow value, reverse display, value default, locked buttons, energy-saving mode, analog output, and retarded alarm
  • Displays up to 4-digit instantaneous flow values, or 8-digit accumulated flow values
  • LCD screen can be set up as a monochrome or two-color display based on users’ requirements