Industrial Equipment

One-Stop Automatic Test Solution
In response to industrial needs, Delta is committed to developing precision electronic measuring instruments and factory automation test systems. We develop one-stop solutions with high accuracy, immediate response, and easy-to-measure test equipment and detection systems for industrial manufacturing. We provide programmable AC and DC power supplies and energy recycling systems, and are able to integrate hardware and software to develop automatic test systems, offering highly efficient and flexible manufacturing test solutions.

·Programmable AC Power Sources
·Programmable DC Power Supplies

Products List

Automatic Test System

Delta's automatic test system (ATS) is a comprehensive test solution. It can simulate electric vehicles or charging stations to help develop charging scenarios so that you can test all the necessary items. More than that, ATS is applied to product tests like industrial power supplies, LED power supplies, adaptors, server power supplies, and power modules.

Programmable AC Power Sources

The output power of Delta's programmable AC power sources are from 1.5 to 9 KVA. Equipped with advanced DSP technology for accurate electronic parameters, they also have 30 sets of mainstream waveform synchronization built in for simulating various power grids, with comprehensive circuit and fan protection for ultimate safety.

Programmable DC Power Supplies

Delta's programmable DC power supplies are switch mode power supplies. Equipped with active power factor correction, full range input voltage, and auto-switch constant voltage and current output, these are ideal for laboratory or large-scale mass production testing.