Modular Megawatt Grid-Tied Solar System

As one of the leading providers of Renewable Energy products and services, Delta Electronics Inc. is committed to offering our customers best-in-class technology that can provide the lowest cost of electricity. Over the last couple of decades, Delta has established itself as a one of global leaders in the Power Electronics, demonstrating its design expertise while at the same time focusing on reliability improvement. In addition, Delta renewable energy installation and component supply several Megawatts (MW) around the world.

Key Features:
  • Modular System Blocks, Easy for Expansion
  • Smart Utility SCADA Communication
  • Easy Control Smart Features (Active/Reactive/PF and Ramp control)
  • Standard Modular Design, Save Time and Money
  • Quick Installation and Less Variances
  • Distributed Power Design using String Inverters
  • Very Short Payback (3 to 6 years), depends on Incentive and Tax benefits
  • Standard and modular design, easy to implement
  • No upfront Engineering cost, everything predefined
  • In-house components, better reliability and warranty service
  • Guaranteed Energy Production Estimation
  • Quality product and system
  • Solar Farms and Utility Projects
  • Commercial Building Rooftop Systems
  • Private Solar Investment Projects
  • Government Initiative / Sponsored Projects