EV Charging

Plug into a Greener Future
Delta offers a highly versatile portfolio, including DC chargers, AC chargers, and charging site management systems. To meet the increasing prevalence of EVs, our smart-charging infrastructure solutions combine EV charging and distributed energy resources to optimize charging service and energy efficiency.

- AC Charger
- DC Charger
- Management System
EV Charging Application
With different power ratings, interfaces and functions, choose the right one to fit in your application.

Products List

DC Charger

Delta DC chargers have a power output ranging from 25 to 150 kW. With high power efficiency as well as multiple outputs and charging interface options, our DC chargers can optimize the operating costs of public and commercial charging services, especially in a space-limited sites.

Management System

Delta’s EV Charging Infrastructure Management System is a web-based intuitive system for medium-scale charging station in building and other facilities where 20 to 50 sets of EV chargers are installed. It is designed to facilitate EV charging operations management, including support for multi-site charging networks. The system’s smart energy management features are specifically designed to optimize site energy usage.

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