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Delta's super slim blower technology is an important factor in making the Ultrabook computer possible. With advanced DC brushless motor technology and switching power supply technology, Delta provides quiet and energy-efficient ventilation products that are 70% more efficient than traditional AC motors for indoor air quality needs. The U.S. EPA recognized Delta with the 2023 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for Sustained Excellence award for the sixth consecutive year. Delta's latest energy-efficient electronically commutated fan series are perfectly designed for industrial applications, commercial building HVAC, and precision cooling for data centers.

Delta’s Thermal Management Offerings
Temperature is a crucial variable in mechanical and industrial processes. Appropriate thermal management is critical to maximizing performance and preventing system disruptions. You can eliminate potential failure points in your systems with targeted precision cooling.
But what is thermal management, and how can it protect your business? 
In addition to maintaining your system’s temperature within its operating range through our air and liquid cooling technology, Delta’s cutting-edge thermal electronics solutions allow your business to unlock amazing efficiency gains, reduce energy costs, and maximize performance. 

Here is a selection of our product categories and how they benefit your thermal management system.

Category List

Axial Fan Series

Axial flow fans are a type of industrial fan designed to cool equipment and machinery that heats up after use. These compressors produce airflow parallel to the axis, enabling them to use impellers to draw in air and discharge it in the direction of the axis.
Our axial fan thermal management solutions come in a wide size range, starting at 15 mm and going up to 910 mm. These fans are built with sleeve or ball bearings and can last up to 50,000 hours. Installing them to process cooling in machinery or systems, deliver spot cooling, and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in warehouses, data centers, factories, and foundries are just some of the uses for the axial fan.
Integrating an axial fan as part of your heat management solution has a range of benefits, providing you with the following:
  • Efficient airflow
  • Variable speeds
  • Durable construction
  • Quick maintenance
  • Improved lifespan

Centrifugal Blowers

A centrifugal blower is a type of pump or motor that moves air using centrifugal forces generated by the rotations of an impeller. The impeller pulls air or fluid into the blower and pushes it out via an outlet. With the impeller being the critical element, it consists of a series of blades built around a central hub, which is then connected to a fan.

Drive designs range from belts to direct drive, which influences the rotation speed of the impeller. The speed and efficiency of these blowers make them highly adaptable to various applications. For example, centrifugal blowers are commonly found within residential and commercial HVAC systems.
Some of the advantages of integrating these blowers into your thermal management program include the following:
  • First-rate energy efficiency
  • Enhanced durability
  • Overloading restrictions
  • High versatility
  • Simple maintenance

Thermal Management

Delta Thermal Management Products (Coolers) provide thermal solutions for desktop computers, servers, game boxes, Telecom, household appliances and VGA cards. Delta employs highly experienced design engineers that are knowledgeable in customer applications and cooling requirements. Advanced engineering equipment such as thermal evaluation software, thermal wind tunnels, thermal resistance testers, computerized CNC machines, anechoic chambers and wind tunnels are used to develop high performance, low noise and cost effective thermal coolers.

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Fan Trays

Fan trays are a common part of the thermal management of electronic devices within data centers. Trays enhance existing equipment racks and enclosures by acting as a high-power air mover to keep equipment cool in confined spaces.

All fan trays can be assembled using AC, DC, and EC fans to provide horizontal and vertical airflow, depending on the layout of your business. You can upgrade your electronic cooling system with temperature-controlled fans using a DC or EC fan tray. Moreover, you can equip them with monitoring and alarm systems.

Some of the benefits of using a fan tray include the following:
  • Highly versatile
  • Range of sizes for any application
  • High-powered airflow
  • Plenty of add-on options

Cabinet Thermal Solutions

Creating a fresh air system within an enclosed space is easier said than done. The accumulation of heat within an enclosure threatens all electrical devices. We provide a range of cabinet thermal solutions to protect the electrical components within your data centers and production lines.
Whether you need a thermoelectric cooler, a heat exchanger, a filter fan, or an air conditioner, Delta’s innovative solutions are engineered to maintain a set temperature within an enclosure. Industry-leading thermo management solutions guarantee a contaminant-free environment while protecting electronic components.
Our catalog of thermal management products offers flexible production capabilities to enable bespoke solutions for single-piece and large-scale rollouts.
Some of the advantages of our cabinet thermal systems include the following:
  • Enhanced performance
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Genuine temperature control
  • Smaller sizes
  • Mitigate overheating risk
Our extensive catalog of cabinet thermal products enables you to select the solutions that suit your setup, layout, and industry. Mixing and matching several solutions can enable you to reach the performance goals of your program.
Contact our sales team to discuss the advantages of each cabinet thermal solution.

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Ventilation Fans

Delta Breez is our newest innovation in ventilation fans, comprised of 25 years of hard work and innovation in DC brushless motor technology. Breez ventilation fans set a new standard in the industry for energy-efficient performance.

Unlike other ventilation fans, over 90% of our selection has been ENERGY STAR® qualified and is designed to run for 70,000 hours while producing minimal noise.
Some of the advantages of this new green technology include the following:
  • Less energy consumption
  • Minimal noise
  • Lock protection features
  • Soft start functionality
  • Three-year warranty
Ventilation is essential within every part of your facility. These fans are aesthetically pleasing and have the advanced functionality you can expect with Delta Breez products, surpassing traditional AC motor products.

EC Fans & Blowers

Get the benefits of AC and DC fans and blowers combined into a single product. The Electronically Commutated (EC) fan is powered by a brushless DC motor but is controlled with the advanced functions of AC induction fans via a printed circuit board.
With an AC electrical supply, onboard electronics focus on switching the power supply into DC power before it reaches the motor. A series of attached magnets generate a secondary magnetic field to make EC fan motors the most efficient on the market.
If you are concerned about the impact of your electronics thermal management program on your bottom line and the environment, upgrading to EC fans and blowers is a significant step forward.
Delta offers two EC thermal management subcategories for greener, smarter solutions:
  • EC Fans – Delta EC axial fans are available in 630 mm models and larger. Featuring easy installation via a four-hole metal mounting plate, the metal electronics access cover prevents moisture and water intrusion while preventing cracking for longer-lasting fans.
  • EC Centrifugal Blowers – Choose from EC centrifugal blowers starting at 190 mm and reaching 660 mm. Every centrifugal blower contains an inlet nozzle or cone and a wheel manufactured using either metal or plastic.

EC fans and blowers are guaranteed to reduce energy consumption and create a greener future for your business. Some of the benefits of Delta’s EC solutions include the following:
  • High levels of energy efficiency
  • Precision control via a printed circuit board
  • Longer lifespan
  • Compact and versatile with a robust space-saving design

Automotive Thermal Solution

Delta Automotive Thermal Solution BU (ATSBU) offers active cooling fans and thermal products solutions for automotive applications including air conditioning systems (HVAC), LED headlamp, intelligent cockpit, climate seats, and battery thermal management system (BTMS), advanced driving assistant system (ADAS), etc.

Build Your Thermal Management Program Today

Building a thermal management program that succeeds requires a firm understanding of the concepts of heat transfer. Delta products utilize all three of the primary methods of heat transfer within its products and when building integrated systems for businesses worldwide.

When deciding which solutions best suit your business, consider the following three heat transfer methods.



Conduction naturally transfers thermal energy through objects coming into contact with each other. Heat may be transferred by components touching each other or by electronic devices contacting external surfaces.

Cooler objects will always draw energy away from hotter objects. This is the least effective energy transfer method because it relies on large surface areas.



Radiation may be used for applications like vacuums. Energy is emitted via electromagnetic waves. The movements and interactions of charged particles create electric and magnetic fields to convert kinetic heat energy into electromagnetic energy.

This niche heat transfer method may not necessarily impact your business, but understanding its role within the industry can provide you with invaluable insight.



Convection consists of the movement of air to redistribute thermal energy. Cooler air will pass by warmer devices to draw air away from the device. It may happen naturally through natural air currents or manufactured via air conditioning systems or EC fans.

Within any thermal management system, convection heating solutions will always form the last step in the process.

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