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Delta offers automation products and solutions with high performance and reliability, including: drives, motion control systems, industrial control and communication, power quality improvement, human machine interfaces, sensors, meters, and robot solutions. We also provide information monitoring and management systems such as SCADA and Industrial EMS for complete, smart manufacturing solutions.

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An AC motor drive, also known as an AC variable frequency drive (VFD), is an essential component in the automation industry. It is widely used in a diverse range of applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors, and other machines.

They play a critical role in factory automation industries because they allow precise control over the speed and torque of motors.

For example, the AC motor drive can be used to adjust the speed of a conveyor belt to match the speed of the production line, ensuring that items are moved efficiently and safely. They can also be used for smart HVAC control, enabling precision adjustments over temperature which can help save energy and reduce costs.

Delta's AC Motor Drives are able to efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. Taking advantage of our strong position in power electronics technology, Delta's VFD Series of AC motor Drives has evolved rapidly and are designed to meet specific application needs. Our AC Drives accurately control speed and torque, smoothly handle an increased load, and provide numerous custom control and configuration operating modes. 


AC servo motors are among the most vital components in industrial automation, especially in industries that need precision machining, such as semiconductor manufacturing.

Servo motors are designed to provide high torque and precise control over the speed and position of a component. It relies on a servo control system and a myriad of sensors to achieve this.

Industrial automation companies use servo motors in applications that require high speed, accuracy, and repeatability. It’s typically seen in factories that involve CNC machines, robots, and automated assembly lines.

AC servo motor and AC servo control system have become the basic techniques for accomplishing automation control technology in the current industrial field. Delta servo systems are based on Delta's strength in industrial and electronic technology and are developed for different customers' requirements of various applications.  All Delta servo drives are provided with a superior digital signal processor (DSP), which represents a high-speed performance of the control circuit loop. Other features of Delta’s ASDA series, include gain tuning, smooth motor operation, and software analysis/monitor function, offering high-speed and high-precision motion control for a wide range of industrial automation applications.


In many ways, the programmable logic controller (PLC) is the heart of most industrial automation solutions. It’s an essential technology in many industries, from F&B packaging to Automotive assembly to Pharmaceutical production.

A PLC is a combination of hardware and software that controls and monitors various industrial processes. It accepts input data through sensors and switches, analyzes them, then reacts accordingly by interacting with motors and valves.

Automation in industry often relies on PLC control for safety systems  like gates and emergency stop buttons. They also control chemical plants' temperature, pressure, and flow.

Delta’s PLC products are high-performance multi-purpose controllers designed for all kinds of automated equipment. Many of our standard CPUs feature Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports up to 32 extension modules or up to 1,024 inputs/outputs.  This provides accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network, 6 axes via pulse control (200 kHz), and using EtherCAT, may synchronizes up to 16/24 real axes in one update cycle. 

Field Device

What is industrial automation without data? That’s why field devices like power supplies, timers, and counters are essential.

Field devices collect data from the physical world, such as temperature, pressure, flow, and other parameters. That data is then sent to another system, like PLC or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.

Without field devices, it would be nearly impossible to achieve automation. Industrial processes like chemical, oil and gas, and pharmaceutical manufacturing, rely on their input to achieve precision and productivity.

Field devices, such as Temperature controllers, timers, counters, and Power Supplies are used in thousands of applications daily. Delta’s portfolio includes these devices, as well as Smart Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Power meters, and more. 


Robots are becoming increasingly necessary as more companies automate their processes and increase productivity.

They are beneficial for their ability to perform repeated tasks consistently, a requirement for products that require high degrees of precision, such as semiconductors and devices. Robots are also excellent for processes that could risk personnel safety, like those that involve hazardous chemicals.

Delta is committed to the future of smart industry (smart manufacturing and smart factories), we continue to develop and release market-leading industrial robots designed to operate in dangerous environments that can assist in achieving flexible manufacturing, reduce manpower, and save development time.

Industrial robots are programmed to automatically accomplish applications such as screw driving, dispensing, soldering, palletizing, assembly, and pick and place. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, robots are able to optimize production and enhance productivity for smart manufacturing. Delta is continuously developing new types of robots for all kinds of applications to fulfill industry demands, and to realize “Automation for a Changing World”.

Power Quality

Delta offers a comprehensive range of industrial solutions, including Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that provide precise control over AC motor speed and torque, optimizing energy efficiency. Their AC Motor Drives, a subset of VFDs, contribute to versatile motor control applications. The company extends its offerings to Medium Voltage Drives, designed for industrial processes with larger motors, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Delta excels in Motion Control Solutions, integrating VFDs and motor drives to enhance automation in various industries, including manufacturing and robotics. These solutions enable precise movement control for improved efficiency and productivity.

Addressing the critical aspect of Power Quality, Delta focuses on stabilizing voltage and minimizing harmonic distortion, ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of equipment.

In the realm of High-Speed Fluid Machinery, Delta leverages VFDs to control motor speed, optimizing energy consumption and enhancing process control in industrial settings.

Delta's Industrial Solutions reflect our commitment to delivering advanced technologies for motor control, automation, power quality, and high-speed machinery across diverse industrial applications.

System Solutions

Automation is only truly beneficial if it functions as a cohesive whole. Delta’s system solutions can help you achieve that.

System solutions integrate various technologies and components into a coordinated unit. It can control the different motors, sensors, and robots with a PLC and allows a human operator to monitor and oversee everything via a Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Delta provides a wide range of system solutions and components that fit every need. 

Aside from hardware solutions like standard panels, we also offer software solutions such as our ISPSoft Programming Software for programming logic controllers. We also carry industrial-grade networking solutions, such as the AH10EMC, for achieving Ethernet-based interconnectivity between automation devices.

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