The electronics industry has developed rapidly in recent years. A variety of electronics and IC products have continuously been introduced to the market. All manufacturing industries have been confronted with a severe competitive environment and challenges as global labor wages increase. Under these circumstances, efficient and high quality production has become the core competitiveness for all sectors of the manufacturing industry. In addition to significantly reducing manpower, automated production can further reduce human error and improve product's quality and productivity, which is the best solution to enhance competitiveness.

Speed and precision are two key factors to improve productivity. With years of experience in industrial automation control, Delta provides a wide range of fast and high precision automation products to meet market needs including AC motor drives, AC servo drives and motors, programmable logic controllers, optical vision systems, human machine interfaces, temperature controllers and pressure sensors. These products are integrated into various solutions to perform precise and high speed control tasks including shifting, detection, pick and place, and many more. In addition to motion control, Delta also provides the Machine Vision Systems DMV Series to perform precise inspection for the best product quality. Excellent inspection features including position, distance detection, flaws inspection, counting and many more. It is the best solution to improve product yield rate and production efficiency.