Driven by a desire for energy savings and environmental protection, many countries and regions have started replacing traditional high energy consumption lighting products with energy-saving lighting solutions. This offers tremendous opportunities in the energy-saving lighting market. In all energy-saving lighting, LED lights have the features of quick response and a high intensity bright light to produce excellent and stable illumination for a variety of conditions. In addition, LED lights last longer than incandescent lights and are able to save more energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is the best choice for electrical energy saving.

Delta's lighting energy saving solution includes Delta's LED lights incorporated with Delta's industrial automation control systems, which can reduce wasted electricity and maintenance costs to a minimum. Compared to traditional T8 fluorescent light bulbs, Delta's LED lights save 50% power and last for 10 years. They can also be used with Delta's programmable logic controller (PLC) to provide energy-saving lighting control for scheduling control, brightness control, personnel access control, forced switch and time delay functions. When Delta's human machine interface (HMI) is applied, the interface settings can be user-defined according to users' requirements such as different working hours and operating convenience, Delta's lighting energy saving solution can be widely used in lighting control in factories, offices, parking lots, and public areas. Besides, all the lighting area information can be uploaded through a Web service so that users can remotely collect the data and monitor the conditions of all the lighted areas via HMI and SCADA. Delta Industrial Automation provides customers with the most advanced lighting energy-saving management solutions.