Water Treatment

70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water. However, taking into account the oceans and polar glaciers, only 1% is fresh water that can be used by humans and animals. Cherishing water resources has become the world's most important issue. To utilize water resources more efficiently, Delta has introduced high-performance and high-intelligence industrial automation solutions into water treatment systems. By using intelligent monitoring systems and HMI, every aspect of the operation can be controlled, allowing devices to maximize their effectiveness.

Delta's automated water treatment system can automatically test water quality, and the AC motor drive can keep the pump operating at its most energy-efficient level. After the process is completed, the purified water is discharged into rivers or the ocean. The sludge produced in the water purification process can be made into mud bricks for materials in environmentally friendly buildings. Covering every detail from regeneration to reutilization, Delta products meet environmental regulations. With complete system integration and high-end technical applications, Delta reduces pollution, and makes good use of dwindling water resources.