High Power Charger 350kW

Travel Faster with High Power Charging
Delta's High Power Charger 350kW offers the fastest charging time than any other charger. It is ideally suited in highway rest stop, traditional fuel station and fleet charging due to its high power of up to 350kW, equal load distribution and simultaneous charging features, enabling charging of 2 vehicles at once. High power efficiency and the ability to share power from power cabinet between two dispensers, enable a reduction in cost of ownership.
It also offers a user friendly design with LED status light visible from a distance, and a 15 inch display. Delta High Power Charger 350kW helps EV drivers shorten the time needed to get back on the road.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • Up to 95% power efficiency for optimal charging performance
  • Distributed space-saving architecture
  • OCPP and network connectivity for seamless system integration




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