EV Charger ATS

Improves EV Charger Development Process

In the past, EV charger testing was problematic due to limited test items, lengthy test times, and a lack of support for protocol testing, all of which slow development. Delta’s T10000 EV Charger ATS integrates hardware and software to simulate charging scenarios for greater accuracy via Delta Smart 1 system, which has comprehensive safety and electronic function test items in addition to mainstream protocol test items. The T10000 helps to shorten test processes to only a few hours and improves testing quality and accuracy, making R&D faster, easier, and more accurate.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • Modular design for building systems based on your requirements
  • Equipped with emergency stop button for cutting off system operation and power supply in time for full protection
  • Built-in international standard function and protocol tests
  • Intuitive software interface for easy operation
  • Supports customizable test reporting



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