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In a market full of choices, the packaging of a product matters as much to the consumers as the product itself. The packaging is often perceived as a reflection of the product quality and can be a key influencer in crucial purchasing decisions. In addition to focusing on the appearance of the packaging, the major brands have also begun to control all the details of the packaging production process including sustainability factors. These complex demands can present challenges to packaging machinery builders and factories when balanced with the pressure to reduce overall costs – capital equipment costs for machinery and manufacturing costs derived from enhancements in uptime, yield and throughput in the evaluation of Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

While significant industry advancements have been made to fully automate the control of production and meet market needs, new innovation in automation technology continues to improve overall efficiencies. This has become the motivation and developing trend in the continuous growth of the packaging industry.

Delta Industrial Automation provides complete solutions for machine automation with the performance, flexibility and simplicity needed for smart production in the packaging industry. Unique parameterized motion control functions built into the A2 Series Servo Drive takes advantage of distributed control technology to quickly solve common applications found in Stand-Alone Packaging Machinery. These applications include rotary knife & seal, flying shear & fill, feed-to-registration, wind/unwind, blended move indexing and absolute dial tables. The synchronous pass-through feature produces fast dynamic correction capability for achieving precise positioning in eCAM & eGEAR implementations. As a result, motion is more smoothly controlled, damage to mechanical structures and maintenance costs are minimized, downtime due to material deformation is greatly decreased, and productivity is increased.

Delta's C2000 & MH300/MS300 AC Drives as well as the TP04P/TP70P HMI products each come complete with a fully programmable internal PLC also suitable for stand-alone machinery. When higher levels of coordinated system control and flexibility are required, Delta’s wide range of modular controllers including the compact DVP Slim series and the rack-based AH500 series PLC models extend the scalability suitable for Advanced Industrial Machinery requiring centralized control architectures.

Delta is continuously developing next generation innovative technology with higher levels of integrated features and functions within AC Motor Drive, Servo Motion, PLC Control, HMI Visualization, Temperature Control, Ethernet Switch, Field Device, Actuators & Robotics, and Power Supply product categories. Its Delta's belief that effectiveness in smart production is defined by the application of Delta's full line of originally manufactured products for complete machine control. This extends beyond automation components and into Thermal Management Solutions with cabinet heaters and coolers as well as fan devices, and Power Quality Solutions with Active Front End filters, sine-wave filters, and EMI filters.

With Delta's Integrated Automation Solutions for Packaging Machinery – higher levels of system integration and technology sourcing benefits can be achieved.


Complete machine control provided by Delta’s Integrated Automation Solutions for Packaging Machinery.

EtherNet/IP connectivity providing component and system level advantages visible at PLC machine module and line level production.

Highly functional product technology with built-in functions to solve application specific solutions, and reduce overall equipment costs for machine modules.

Machine and line automation with centralized PLC connected to AC Drives, Servo Systems, Remote I/O stations, Sensors, Vision Systems, and Robotics.

Scalable architecture solutions for Food Packaging ranging from Stand-alone distributed control to flexible centralized system.

Delta A2 Servo drives with onboard control plus integrated HMI eliminate the need for a PLC on a film handling module.

Delta solution for wrapping machine using eCAM, high speed registration, and built-in sequencing for coordinated servo control.

Delta solution labeling module to index labels or parts onto a moving conveyor – with speed matching and dynamic conveyor position tracking.

Delta solution for coil winding with wind and travers axis performing tight position control to insure tight winding and custom end-turn wire lay.

How to create custom curve profiles using eCAM and sequencing in the A2 Servo Drive. Dynamically adjust the frequency and curve shape for batch counted move sequences.

Control torque-down station with trigger points for verifying quality or rejects, and examples of building a control buffer.
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