AS Series Standard CPU

The Delta Compact Modular Mid-range PLC AS Series is a high performance multi-purpose controller designed for all kinds of automated equipment. It features Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports up to 32 extension modules or up to 1,024 inputs/outputs. The AS series provides accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network and max. 6 axes via pulse control (200 kHz). It is widely used in diverse automated equipment such as electronics manufacturing, labeling, food packaging, and textile machines.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • New 32-bit SoC (System on Chip) CPU to enhance execution speed(40 k steps / ms)
  • Positioning control function for up to 8-axis motion control via CANopen / 6-axis 200 kHz pulse control
  • Robust non-backplane design and patented DIN rail clips for vertical module installation and replacement
  • ISPSoft editing software for programming, hardware configuration, network communication, system diagnostics and positioning planning

SoC Technology – system on a chip

  • Embedded SoC design reduces footprint and increases performance while using less system energy, resulting in a lower overall system cost.
  • Deltas AS300 PLC product series comes standard with SoC technology designed in.
  • Reduced footprint - SoC peripherals allows for tight integration directly on the CPU hardware board with features including: ethernet port, analog and communication option cards, high density I/O, counter input for high resolution encoder feedback, high speed registration inputs, and pulse output control for single axis servo or stepper control.
  • Increased Performance – SoC results in faster computing of ladder, move, and arithmetic instructions including floating and trigonometric. Critical functions of software application program and I/O system is processed in parallel to further reduce execution scan times.
  • Less system energy – SoC introduces higher efficiencies with lower energy consumption, producing greener controls.
  • Lower overall system cost – fewer external modules and connections are required with a tightly integrated system reduces the wiring and component cost, integration for controls used in common applications come pre-packaged to benefit the OEM Machine Designer.


Automated equipment such as electronics manufacturing, labeling, food packaging, and textile machines

  1. New 32-bit SoC (System on Chip) CPU
  2. Max. I/O: 1,024
  3. Program capacity: AS300 series 128k steps, AS200 series 64k steps
  4. Data registers: 60k words
  5. Extension modules: max. 32 (analog modules: max.16 / communication modules: max. 4)
  6. Execution speed: up to 40 k steps / ms
  7.      - Basic instruction (LD): 25 ns
  8.      - Application instruction (MOV): 0.15 μs
  9. Abundant selection of DIO modules, AIO modules, temperature modules, load cell module and function cards.



Software Download

Ethernet/IP EDS File Download