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Delta’s grid-tied, three-phase, transformerless inverters range from 36kW to the industry’s first 80kW inverter, offering unequalled design flexibility for your Commercial. Industrial and Utility-Scale installations. Delta’s M36U and M42U inverters help you optimize every site.

With 98.6% peak efficiency, a rugged enclosure, and proven reliability, the M36U and M42U are ideal on their own or paired with Delta’s large-scale solar PV building blocks: the M80U and M60U.
  Optimal architecture
tab_dot Integrates seamlessly with all RPI three-phase inverters up to 80kW, enabling each site to be maximized
tab_dot Connects 6 to 10 strings with fused inputs
  Highest returns
tab_dot 98.6% peak efficiency, 98.0% CEC efficiency
tab_dot Dual MPPT and 200-1000Vdc wide input range
tab_dot Rugged NEMA 4X construction
  Innovative technology
tab_dot Flexible
tab_dot       - Variety of mounting options: wall mounted, under array or on racking, inside or outdoors
tab_dot       - Three wiring box configurations: MC4, Fuse and Terminal
tab_dot       - Ergonomic handles and eye bolts for lifting
tab_dot Smart
tab_dot       - Integrated smart grid functionality
tab_dot       - Built-in AC Disconnect on MC4 and Fuse configurations
tab_dot       - Built-in DC disconnect
tab_dot       - Separate DC disconnects for each MPP on MC4 and Fuse configurations
tab_dot Easy
tab_dot       - Integrated MODBUS and optional Ethernet
tab_dot       - Compatible with Delta or third-party monitoring and control
tab_dot       - Built-in Type 2 AC and DC surge protection devices
tab_dot       - Built-in arc fault detector
tab_dot       - Replaceable surge protection devices, fan trays, and inverter components
tab_dot Commercial: Part of a full range of rugged NEMA 4X inverters from 36kW to 80kW, the Delta grid-tied three-phase RPI series inverters can maximize the solar potential of your commercial site
tab_dot Industrial: Flexible mounting options work for rooftop, wall mount, or ground-mount applications with industry’s highest power density
tab_dot Utility-Scale: The industry’s largest string inverter building block provides the advantages of string topology at a Utility-Scale
tab_dot Residential: For larger homes with three-phase power, Delta’s RPI series offers reliability and flexibility
tab_dot All regions: Built in rapid shutdown and smart grid technology is designed to meet new grid rules and requirements
tab_dot Connected systems: State-of-the art communications enable systems to be monitored and managed with Delta or third-party systems
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