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To meet the requirements of general-purpose machine control and enhance our competitive advantage in the industrial automation market, Delta Electronics, Inc. introduces its high-performance and cost-effective ASDA-B2 series servo motor and drive systems. The series has a wide power range for its class, from 100W to 3.0kW, and includes Analog Torque or Speed and Pulse/Direction control in one unit.

The superior properties of this series emphasize on "built-in generic functions for general-purpose applications" and "avoiding variable costs from mechatronics integration." In switching from other brands to Delta's ASDA-B2 series, outstanding quality and features, and complete product lineup make the replacement simple and scalable. OEM's that choose this value-based product gain noticeable competitive advantages in their market space. All of Delta B2 series meet UL, cUL, CE, and RoHS.
  High-resolution encoder with 17-bit (160,000 p/rev) is equipped as a standard feature which satisfies the application needs of high precision positioning control and stable rotation at low speed.
  Satisfy High Precision Positioning Requirements
tab_dot Support pulse input (up to 4Mbps) and analog voltage two kinds of command.
tab_dot Built-in position, speed and torque three control modes (speed and torque mode could be controlled via internal parameters or analog voltage command).
tab_dot 10-Pole rotor magnetics reduces cogging torque from traditional 6 and 8 pole motors from 10-25% allowing for smoother low speed control. Ideal for milling machines requiring contoured surface finishes.
tab_dot There auto notch filters are provided to suppress the mechanical resonance automatically and make the system operate more smoothly.
  Offer Easy-To-Install Solution for Simple Start-Up
tab_dot Motor sizing software is offered for the customers to conduct the estimation of the equipment conveniently.
tab_dot ASDA-Soft configuration software is provided for customers to meet performance requirements quickly. Complete with tuning, system analysis tools, real-time scope, and diagnostics tools.
tab_dot Auto-Identify motor feature for "plug-and-play". No further hardware configuration required before operation or simple jogging. Simplifies motor maintenance or replacement.
tab_dot Cost effective integral motor brake option for vertical applications, with brake control circuit built-in.
tab_dot RS-485 Modbus Multi-Drop Communications to multiple drives empowers system setting or monitoring of drive parameters from centralized controller or HMI.
tab_dot Spring bound Oil-Seal as standard in *RS and *SS models maintains IP65 rating at shaft longer than standard non-spring type.
tab_dot Easy-to-use digital keypad is ideal for setting parameters and monitoring the servo drive and motor directly.
  Reduce Maintenance and Wiring Cost for Versatile Operation
tab_dot Upwards compatibility when upgrading from previous ASDA series, able to use existing power and encoder cables.
tab_dot Separate main and control power allows for encoder tracking, diagnostics and parameter setting during E-STOP condition increases safety and makes maintenance easier.
tab_dot Drive circuit boards are CONFORMAL COATED for improved moisture & particulate protection.
tab_dot Temperature Sensors on drive IGBT to protect from failure due to misuse in the field
tab_dot Built-in regenerative resistor for models 400W and higher, significantly saving wiring and cost. (6x larger than most competitors in the same class).
tab_dot Two analog outputs (CN5) are provided for monitoring access.
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