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Smart Campus Solution

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Delta's innovations for future campuses integrate several core technologies – interactive projection, networking, and energy management – to provide a smart, energy-efficient solution. This also fulfills our mission: "To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow."
tab_dot Intelligent Learning
tab_dot Cloud Learning Management System (LMS)
tab_dot eLibrary and online examination
tab_dot Cross-platform mobile learning application
tab_dot eEditor for online content development
tab_dot Intelligent Classroom Solution
tab_dot NovoPRO: a next-generation wireless presentation and collaboration system
tab_dot Interactive Ultra-Short-Throw Projector with ultra-short-throw technology and interactive whiteboard functionality
tab_dot Support for pre-class, in-class and post-class learning activities
tab_dot WOWBoard WideXreme Interactivity display system
tab_dot Multi-sized, fully interactive, seamless canvas
tab_dot Enable users to visualize and collaborate instantly with finger-touch, interactive pen, and wireless content sharing capabilities
tab_dot Distance Learning Live Broadcasting Platform
tab_dot Online video/audio interaction for learning and teaching
tab_dot Support one to one, one to many , class to class connections
tab_dot Class recording and playback
tab_dot Energy Education Program
tab_dot Prepare teaching materials and content
tab_dot Implement the energy education and energy management into schools’
tab_dot Integrate the energy usage and conservation, and change students behavior to contribute to saving energy

tab_dot Green Energy Management
tab_dot Delta Energy Online
tab_dot Energy Monitoring and Management platform
tab_dot Detect and collect comprehensive information while supporting a wide variety of I/O information
tab_dot Real-time and historical energy data display, data analysis reports, device management, and system monitoring
tab_dot Intelligent Process & Management System (iPEMS)
tab_dot Provides real-time visualized information, alarm, and data linkage
tab_dot Integrates intelligent versatile data mining and analysis to support effective decision-making processes and re-establish harmony between humans and nature
tab_dot Datacenter Infrastructure Solution
tab_dot Integrated power supply and distribution for optimal power management
tab_dot Highly efficient, energy-saving cooling technology
tab_dot Smart, modular design for optimizing space utilization
tab_dot Achieves a 25% reduction in energy use and a PUE of less than 1.5
tab_dot Green Server Rack Solution
tab_dot Integrates server, storage, switch, power, rack products, and cooling system to deliver application-optimized, end-to-end solutions for an organization server room
tab_dot Decreases overall power consumption per rack by 25% compared to a traditional rack
tab_dot Maximizes computer density, flexibility, manageability and Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
tab_dot Energy-Saving Elevator Upgrade
tab_dot Adopts Delta's Power Regenerative Units REG2000 series for the elevator
tab_dot Converts external forces and gravity during deceleration into reusable energy
tab_dot Delivers 38% energy savings

tab_dot Security Surveillance
tab_dot Dynamic Facial Recognition System
tab_dot Fast dynamic facial recognition within 0.2 seconds
tab_dot Highly accurate multiple targets facial recognition
tab_dot Instantly filter blacklist individuals with real-time alarm
tab_dot Virtual Wall System
tab_dot Real-time alarm and notification through video surveillance and analysis
tab_dot Lower manpower costs and loss caused by incidents
tab_dot Integration of CCTV, access control, personnel and police systems
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