The filter modules are designed to reduce the conducted common-mode and differential-mode noise on input or output lines of high-frequency switching power supplies, with the industry standard footprint and pin-out. Delta FL75L series filter modules possess outstanding electrical and thermal performance, as well as extremely high reliability under highly stressful operating conditions.

Part NumberInput Voltage
Output Current
FL75L05 A 0~75 5 Through hole 25.4x25.4x10.2
FL75L07 A 0~75 7 SMD 25.4x25.4x12.5
FL75L07 B 0~75 7 Through hole 25.4x25.4x12.7
FL75L10 A 0~75 10 Through hole 50.8x27.9x11.7
FL75L20 A/B 0~75 20 Through hole 50.8x40.6x12.7