Power Management

Integrated power distribution for optimal power management

The supply of power is indispensable to datacenter operations. A stable power supply, redundancy, and a reliable power distribution system that protects equipment, achieves high efficiency and saves energy at the same time are primary considerations when setting up or maintaining a data center.

Delta’s power management solution is composed of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDU), Rack-Mount Remote Power Panel (rRPP) and Rack-Mount Static Transfer Switch (rSTS) that provide optimal power distribution and protection for devices inside a rack.

Delta provides clean and stable power for the data center to ensure continuous operation in case of power failure while enabling maximum operating efficiency with the lowest cost.

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Products List

Cast Resin Busway System

Delta has utilized its industry-leading power electronics technology to develop a flexible, safe, and reliable Busway systems, BR series and BL series. Delta has adopted epoxy cast resin technology to significantly increase ingress protection level, safety, and reliability. Thanks to the outstanding electrical and mechanical properties of resin, these busways have reduced dimensions, a simplified structure, extended service life, and improved reusability. Delta's Busways provide excellent energy-savings to help our customers enjoy substantial savings on their electricity bills.

Modular UPS

In this IT intensive world with heavy data traffic driven by cloud, 4G/5G and media streaming applications, IT managers are facing the challenges of increasing rack power density and limited data center space. Delta's innovative modular UPS technologies provide the answer to customers' demand for high power density, high power performance, and ultimate availability.