Empowering Tomorrow's Data Centers for HPC and AI Workloads with Delta's ORV3 Total Solutions
Explore Delta's diverse product portfolio, seamlessly meeting the demands of HPC and AI in data centers.
Solution Highlights
Open Rack V3 (ORV3) Total Solutions
Robust ORV3 Rack
• 44OU or 48RU capacity with two rack braces
• Supports up to 3086 lbs of load
• Features a secure, blind-mated busbar for seamless connections
• Complements with ORV3 power shelves, switches, SD-WAN products, and CDUs
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Innovative ORV3 18kW Power Shelf
• 6-slot chassis with new 3kW power supply units
• Offers 18kW power or 15kW with redundancy
• Achieves up to 97.5% efficiency, ideal for HPC and AI
• Provides 48/50 Vdc output, reducing electricity distribution losses
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High-Performance Power Systems
• Up to 97.5% efficiency with 5kW PSU for cost savings
BBU: UL9540A-certified for reliability
Mini UPS:
• 15kW Modular UPS: Specifically designed for OCP requirements
• Facilitates quick GPU shifts
• Space-Saving Design: Built-in redundancy and lithium batteries
• Saves up to 40% more space while enhancing reliability and cost savings
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Comprehensive Cooling Solutions for HPC/AI Workloads
• Cutting-edge 3D VC design for cooling over 1000W
• AI workload-specific gear and Cold Plate Loops for server cooling
• New AI Server Fans with 20% better performance and 10% less power consumption
• High-capacity CDUs for liquid cooling, featuring redundancy and hot-swap capability
• Innovative EC Fan design for significant energy savings in data center cooling
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Efficient 800G Ethernet Switch for Hyper-Scale Data Centers
• Meets high-demand data center requirements for power-efficiency and scalability
• Offers 25.6T and 51.2T switches with various 800G configurations
• Live demo of 64x800G OSFP switch available at the booth
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