Kevin Lin Completes Successful Crossing of the Gobi Desert
Delta Sponsors Gobi Documentary
To Appeal for Global Water Conservation at International Film Festivals

Ultramarathon star Kevin Lin recently completed a 2,400km crossing of the Great Gobi Desert after enduring grueling 40 days. His arrival at the Jiayu Pass crowned him as both the first person in history to run across the world's three great arid regions (The Sahara Desert, The Silk Road and The Gobi Desert) and also as the person to cross them in the shortest time. Lin shared his awe-inspiring experiences today (August 8) for the first time since his return to Taiwan at a public appearance that also featured a trailer of a documentary of the Gobi crossing shown by Delta, the corporate sponsor behind the challenge. The documentary is aimed at educating the public about water issues in the Gobi and about extreme climate issues in an effort to encourage people to love the Earth and cherish water resources.

Kevin Lin stated that he had heard that the Gobi was a world without water, but once he had started his run he realized that there was actually water underneath the desert – however, polluted by factories and shared by humans and livestock, thus, creating a problem for residents where they have plenty of water, just not drinkable! Mongolia is a vast country where the majority of the population lives in tribal structures and there could be a distance of 40 miles from one yurt to the next: general access to resources is already difficult, and pollution of water resources is creating problems in an area with insufficient medical infrastructure.

In addition to Delta's sponsorship of Lin's crossing the Gobi documentary for participation into international film festivals, Delta Chairman Yancey Hai himself went to the Jiayu Pass to accompany and encourage Lin on the very last leg of his journey, providing tangible support to cement Lin's dedication to succeed. Mr. Hai said that Kevin Lin underwent a grueling but deeply meaningful run across the punishing and water-scarce terrain of the Gobi to raise awareness about the importance of water resources, which is a truly awe-inspiring feat that fits with Delta's mission – “To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”. We hope that this documentary can become a teaching tool in environmental studies, that it can raise awareness about environmental and water issues, and that this event makes more people focus on environmental problems so that together we can love and protect the Earth, our home.

Kevin Lin crossed the Mongolian desert during its most unstable season weather-wise, leaving from Bei'er Lake on June 23rd. Soon after his departure he was faced with extreme climate conditions, altitude sickness and other injuries and illnesses, but his incredible mental and physical strength allowed him to overcome these never-ending obstacles as he arrived at the Jiayu Pass on schedule. Delta's sponsorship has turned the story of Lin's Great Gobi Adventure into a high-definition documentary to be introduced in international film festivals in an effort to raise awareness amongst the global population about the water problems faced by those in the Gobi and encourage a global consciousness to cherish water and love the Earth's environment.

In addition, Kevin Lin was equipped with Delta's newest Innergie PocketCell portable battery bank and a Vivitek Qumi high definition LED portable projector which he carried for the entire trip. The devices provided electrical support and a way to share images and video in the middle of the desert, ensuring high quality of the footages for the documentary.

News Source:Corporate Communications