Delta at the Global OCP Summit 2023: Cutting-edge Server Power Solutions to Ensure the Energy Efficiency of AI Data Centers

FREMONT, Calif – October 25, 2023 – Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, just participated in the OCP Global Summit and introduced its ORV3 power shelves and DC-DC converters, both essential solutions to ensure the energy efficiency of the fast-growing AI server segment. These ORV3 power shelves boast 18 kW and 33 kW power output and up to 97.5% energy conversion efficiency while the cutting-edge DC-DC converters deliver smooth conversion of various power voltages with efficiency as high as 98.3%.

Ares Chen, General Manager of Delta Power and System Business Group, said, "In 2022 alone, Delta’s power solutions for servers and related ICT infrastructure saved over 3.39 billion kWh of electricity for our worldwide customers by leveraging our five-decade core competence in high-efficiency power electronics. The releases of AI chatbots and similar applications accelerate the demands of AI servers while bringing new challenges to server power supply manufacturers. We will continue to focus on ‘higher power output, density and efficiency’ and to collaborate closely with our computing giant customers to ultimately align the megatrends of AI and sustainable development.”

AI learning and training require a foundation of specialized high-level servers. Compared to regular servers that only applies to CPUs, an AI server usually requires four to eight GPUs in addition to two CPUs to perform AI computing and much higher peak power than traditional servers. Delta’s ORV3 power shelves are 6-slot chassis solutions that accommodate 3kW or 5.5kW power supply units with a maximum power of 18 kW or 33 kW separately for high power AI servers. The power shelves could also be designed with 5+1 redundancy to ensure the stable operation of AI servers. Aside from the ORV3 products, Delta also presented the high power 120 kW power shelf which consists of twenty-four 5 kW power supply units with up to 97.5% power conversion efficiency. This power shelf can also be configured into a 60kW 2N redundancy power system to ensure high stability and reliability for both AI and traditional servers.

As to DC-DC conversion, the inevitable high-voltage power transmission of AI servers heightens the demands of DC-DC converters between 48 V server boards and 12 V components. Delta’s RBC and UBC Series DC-DC converters are suitable for the applications. Both Series are in compliance with the PMBus communication protocol. The RBC Series features an up to certified 98.3% efficiency, 0.5 – 1% higher than traditional ones. The UBC Series boasts a 5,300 W/inch3 high power density and a bi-directional function to convert from 48V to 12V and vice versa to satisfy various customer needs.  

News Source:Delta Electronics