Delta Showcases Innovative Wireless Charging Solutions and Machine Vision Solutions for Smart Logistics at MODEX 2024

ATLANTA, March 11, 2024 - Delta, a global leader in power management and provider of IoT-based smart green solutions, is showcasing high-efficiency wireless charging systems and smart industrial automation solutions for AGVs, e-forklifts and conveyors to foster autonomous logistics operations. Key features include a 30kW Wireless Charging System, which offers up to 95% efficiency for a broad range of industrial logistics vehicles, and a Machine Vision Solution with 3D ToF Smart Cameras to enable AGV smooth navigation even in completely dark logistics conditions.

Dave Morse, Vice President of Industrial and Automation at Delta Americas, said, “Delta’s leadership in high-efficiency power solutions and prowess in smart manufacturing derive from our commitment to innovation and energy conservation. With more factories adopting autonomous equipment such as AGVs and AMRs, we have developed advanced industrial automation and innovative wireless charging solutions to accelerate the application of unmanned industrial vehicles and enhance the productivity and energy efficiency of our customers’ warehousing and logistics operations.”

During the event, Delta will present a live AGV demonstration to showcase:

  • Delta’s wireless charging systems, which adopt industrial wireless charging technology developed by WiTricity®. The 1kW Wireless Charging System is composed of a primary unit for AC supply attachment and a secondary for vehicle battery connection. The two units can transfer power wirelessly within a gap of up to 20 mm with a maximum of 93% power conversion efficiency. The M∞Vbase single-phase model features 3-5 charging modules with each providing 1350W power output to meet various charging demands. It also supports ethernet communication for energy management. 
  • The 3D ToF Smart Camera DMV-T integrates imaging, sensing and computing in a compact design and supports 6W ultra low power consumption, which is perfect for the integration in the mobile robot with limited space. Featuring a built-in dual-core CPU, the DMV-T can process the depth maps in real time and leverage Delta’s Machine Vision Platform DIAVision for AGV navigation and collision avoidance. In addition, the AGV servo system adopts the Integrated Brushless DC Gearmotor for locomotion, with the integration of the servo motor, servo drive, magnetic encoder, and planetary reducer in one package. This coupling-free gearmotor design is a compact solution for the space-saving demand of the AGV chassis.

Delta will also showcase a forklift-shaped demo to present the latest M∞Vair 30kW Wireless Charging System. This system also features a primary and a secondary unit and enables a fully autonomous charging over a gap of up to 150 mm. Its up to 95% contactless power transmission greatly reduced energy waste for large e-vehicles such as forklift. A fully integrated Warehouse and Logistics Solutions with a visualized SCADA System VTScada for remote control of diverse subsystems. The control span covers various applications, such as door and dock, conveyors, sorting, picking, and scanning.

Visit Delta’s booth B7640, Hall B at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta during MODEX 2024 from March 11th - 14th.

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