In many ways, the programmable logic controller (PLC) is the heart of most industrial automation solutions. It’s an essential technology in many industries, from F&B packaging to Automotive assembly to Pharmaceutical production.

A PLC is a combination of hardware and software that controls and monitors various industrial processes. It accepts input data through sensors and switches, analyzes them, then reacts accordingly by interacting with motors and valves.

Automation in industry often relies on PLC control for safety systems  like gates and emergency stop buttons. They also control chemical plants' temperature, pressure, and flow.

Delta’s PLC products are high-performance multi-purpose controllers designed for all kinds of automated equipment. Many of our standard CPUs feature Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports up to 32 extension modules or up to 1,024 inputs/outputs.  This provides accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network, 6 axes via pulse control (200 kHz), and using EtherCAT, may synchronizes up to 16/24 real axes in one update cycle.