Standard VFD Panel Packages

Delta Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Panel Packages are designed for the C2000 and CP2000 VFD Series to support all general purpose variable torque/speed and fan/pump applications.

With a standard NEMA 3R rating, these engineered panels feature Delta's leading technology designed to eliminate the need for any additional cooling such as air conditioners or heat exchangers for up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperatures. The package provides simple manual control via the VFD keypad or HMI which contains functions for Hand/Off/Auto.

Additionally, the system's integrated Modbus protocols can be leveraged to interface readily with any building management system.

The packages are configurable to allow control to meet all specified project requirements.

Custom designs are available by consulting the factory.

Product Introduction


  • Advanced Application Solutions:
    Delta's Standard VFD Panel Package offers built-in features serving application solutions for Outdoor Pump Systems, Chiller Pumps, Wastewater Pumps, Artificial Lift, Irrigation Water Pumps, Crane & Hoist and more.
  • Standard Features
    1. CP2000: 1-125 HP (208/230V), 1-600 HP(460V), 1-675 HP (575/690V)
    2. C2000: 1-120 HP (208/230V), 1-536 HP(460V), 2-675 HP (600V)
    3. User interface for easy system programming and monitoring
    4. Door mounted VFD run and fault LED indicators
    5. RS-485 Modbus
    6. 65kA circuit breaker
    7. Standard surge arrestor for protection against external voltage spikes
    8. Dry contacts for remote indication
    9. 24VDC PS for external transducers standard in 208V/230V and 460V panels
    10. Remote control via communication or dry contact with analog input speed control
  • Options
    1. Enclosures for various environments
    2. HMI or Keypad user control
    3. Input filtering to support harmonic mitigation
    4. Output filter to support lead length, multi-motor applications
    5. Heater for extreme cold/ startup
    6. Sun-shielding