Network Solutions Platform

Integration of connectivity for information and control is key to merging Machine Automation within Factory Automation environments.  It brings realtime control world in touch with production lines and enterprise systems, and defines the basis for smart manufacturing.  Delta is a leading provider of industrial automation product technology enablers, allowing OEM's and machine builders to realize efficient "Integrated Automation Solutions for Industrial Machinery" all geared to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).  The AH10EMC is an example of the latest control CPU module for the AH500 series, that includes two ethernet-based network platforms built-in to accomplish this integration – EtherNet/IP for critical information sharing, and EtherCAT for realtime control.  The AH10EMC includes PLC and Motion Control in one to further enhance programming and setup efficiencies in the design and development stage.

Attributes of Delta's EtherNet/IP Platform Solution
  • nformation Connectivitiy for Factory & Line Automation
  • Scanner and Adapter options
  • Implicit and explicit Messaging
  • 3rd party PLC or E/IP device connectivity
  • Distributed control leveraging VFD, Servo, and PLC built-in functionality
Attributes of Delta's EtherCAT Platform Solution
  • Reduced wiring & real time data transfer for Machine Automation
  • Deterministic and synchronized control
  • Centralized Architecture
  • Complete Machine Control
  • ETG certified
  • Delta's ISPsoft software allows for complete configuration of both EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT network platforms in an integrated environment.  Auto-configuration and drag-and-drop features provide faster setup and simpler visualization.  Diagnostic tools are available to speed up commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting both in the design and field deployment phases of a project.