DeltaGrid® EM

Unleash the Full Value of Your Energy System with DeltaGrid® EM

The DeltaGrid® EM energy management system is a forward-looking digital platform that leverages novel AIoT technologies, energy control, cybersecurity and reliability technologies for nanogrid energy consumption optimisation, utility ancillary services, distributed energy resource (DER) generation monitoring, reduction of carbon emissions tracking and other applications.

Its control modes and AI algorithm can control energy flows precisely and automatically, thus optimising energy usage, maximising system performance and making your energy systems more valuable and economical. DeltaGrid® EM can be paired with the DeltaGrid® O&M digital services platform to upkeep energy assets, maximise uptime and optimise operational efficiency.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • Precise management of energy sources and loads
  • AI-based energy usage and performance optimisation
  • Digital services and predictive maintenance

Nanogrid Energy Optimisation

  • Peak shaving, meter tracking and ToU scheduling modes to reduce energy costs
  • Power backup functionality to increase self-reliance
  • PV self-consumption optimisation to boost usage of locally-produced power (often more economical than selling)

Grid Ancillary Services

  • Fast frequency regulation monitoring and control
  • IEC 61850-compliant client/server communications
  • Predictive maintenance to detect of ESS issues in a timely manner
  • Forecasting and bidding suggestions
  • Monthly/daily statistics

Factory Carbon Emission Tracking

  • Carbon emission tracking by production line/product/work order
  • AI algorithm for identifying abnormal power consumption and energy saving opportunities
  • Carbon reduction performance indicators
  • Leverage solar and energy storage systems

DER and Solar Power Plant Monitoring

  • Real-time and accumulative power generation monitoring
  • Day-by-day and month-to-month generation comparison
  • AIoT algorithm for supporting predictive maintenance services to reduce system down time due to equipment failure

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