Delta Power Conditioning System (PCS) is a bi-directional energy storage inverter for grid applications, including power backup, peak shaving, PV self-consumption, PV smoothing, etc.

Delta PCS3000 provides power capacity from 3110 to 4150 kVA with 98.4% efficiency. Featuring high availability and adaptability, the PCS is battery technology independent and can control an energy storage system exactly when it is required.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Efficient and Precise Power Control

  • Power capacity: 3110-4150 kVA
  • AC voltage: 600 Vac
  • Peak efficiency: 98.4%

Flexible System Configuration

  • Modular design realizes scalability and availability
  • Battery independence provide high adaptability for energy storage

Designed for Energy Storage Applications

  • Advanced P/Q, Frequency/Voltage, and VSG control
  • Utility-grade protection designed for harsh environment
  • AC-coupled storage applications
  • Automatic voltage and frequency regulation
  • Active and reactive power compensation
  • Anti-Islanding detection, islanding control operation

PCS3000 Leaflet (UL version)