Delta Power Conditioning System (PCS) is a bi-directional energy storage inverter for grid-tied and off-grid applications including power backup, peak shaving, load shifting, PV self-consumption, PV smoothing and etc.

It demonstrates industry leading power performance with high power efficiency and low stand-by power loss. It is compact for space saving and offers scalability for various system configurations and integration with mainstream branded battery systems.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Efficient and Precise Power Control

  • Power capacity: 100 /125 kW
  • AC voltage: 400 / 480 Vac
  • Peak efficiency: 98% / >98%
  • High power density: PCS100HV - 167 W/l, 435 W/kg, PCS125HV - 208 W/I, 543 W/kg
  • Quick power response time : <20 ms

Flexible System Configuration

  • Scalable with multiple units in a configuration
  • Support 3 phase 4 wire load without transformer

Designed for Energy Storage Applications

  • Real / reactive power compensation to improve power quality
  • Peak shaving / demand charge management
  • Load shifting for time-of-use savings
  • Black start capability for power backup and microgrid applications
  • Both grid-tied mode and power backup mode operation


PCS100HV Product Leaflet

PCS125HV Product Leaflet