1-chip 0.95" Single/Dual Lamp or Solid State Light source

1080p/WUXGA Resolution, 4K~10KANSI, with 6 Optional Lens, Optional Edge Blend/Warping Solution, Solid State Illumination & 3D function supported.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

  • Offers high quality hardware-based video processing system to provide high image quality and scale a wide array of video signals & 3D function
  • Support Edge Blending and Geometric Correction, so-called Image Warping and Keystone Correction, with an External Image Processing Box
  • Lens Options provide Installation Flexibility
  • NULLExchangeable Color Wheel Module in Dual Lamp Optical System
  • Good Color Saturation
  • Good Contrast Ratio by performing different black levels

  • Fixed Installation
  • Large Venue such as Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Gaming and casinos
  • Events
  • Churches and houses of worship, Museum
  • E-Cinema
  • Home Cinema
  • Simulation and visualization