MOOVbase PM3000 Power Module

High efficiency modular charging for forklift applications
Designed for installation in charging cabinets where each module delivers up to 3 kW or 70 A, the module is simply controlled by a system controller via CAN bus and is capable of charging a wide range of battery types.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Proven Safety and Reliability

  • Millions of successful charge cycles completed
  • Advanced safety design and error detection safeguard the user, battery and charger
  • Steel enclosure and user-serviceable fan for use in tough industrial environments
  • Anti-arc technology extends the life of connectors

Scalable Modular Design

  • Connect in parallel to achieve desired charge current level
  • Redundant operation
  • Power shared between installed modules
  • Turn off individual modules for improved efficiency

Simple Integration

  • CAN bus allows easy control by a system controller
  • System error and warning information communicated
  • All required mating connectors are standard and readily available

Global Compatibility

  • 480 and 400 VAC versions allow connection to worldwide three-phase supplies
  • Safety and EMC approvals for North America, Europe and Australia
  • Efficiency exceeds CEC requirements

Delta_PM3000 Power Module_Leaflet_EN_V2.1/276KB