MOOVair 03 Wireless Charging System​

Charge Wisely, Charge Wirelessly
Delta’s MOOVair 3.3 kW Wireless Charging System is designed for AGVs, AMRs, and other industrial e-vehicles to charge wirelessly. By installing its charging units on the vehicles and the desired charging locations respectively, the wireless charging system eliminates the manual plug-and-pull charging process and makes unmanned operation possible. The wireless charging system does not have any contactors, and therefore does not require downtime for maintenance. Most importantly, the wireless charging system’s power efficiency rivals, if not outperforms, wired charging at up to 95% from wall plug to battery.

Product Introduction

Thanks to Delta’s proprietary wireless communication protocol plus 3rd party patented contactless power transfer technology, Delta MOOVair 3.3 kW Wireless Charging System initiates charging automatically and boasts wall plug to battery efficiency at up to 95%. The built-in CANopen and Ethernet connectivity enables integration with smart warehouse or factory management systems for improved visibility of the charging data. The Delta MOOVair 3.3 kW Wireless Charging System is the must-have to smartify your industrial vehicles in the Industry 4.0 era.
Features & Benefits

Easy Integration

  • Automatic charging
  • Power transfer over a 150 mm (6") gap
  • Ethernet for integrating to a warehouse management system
  • CANopen for connecting vehicle systems

Versatile Charging

  • Charge any battery type
  • Each base can charge 48 V or 80 V / 96 V batteries
  • Multiple vehicles can share one base
  • Unmanned 24/7 operation
  • Can be used in a wide range of harsh and polluted environments
  • Locate charging stations with great flexibility and charge whenever the vehicle is idle

Contactless Power Transfer

  • Efficiency meets or exceeds traditional wired chargers
  • No connector wear
  • No maintenance downtime to replace worn connectors
  • Safe operation - meets all industrial standards for wireless power transfer
  • AGVs
  • AMRs