MOOVon 720 W Onboard Charger

Compact, rugged, and easy to design into vehicles
operating in harsh industrial environments.

• Supports all leading battery types
• Compact design
• Convection cooled

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • Compact design suitable for applications where space is limited
  • The full 720 W is available over a wide range of operating conditions
  • CAN bus control for integration into smart vehicle systems
  • Verified profiles for all types lead acid and lithium batteries
  • Battery temperature sensing to fine tune charging
  • Designed to withstand the harsh shock and vibration requirements of industrial vehicles
  • Sealed housing can be used in wet or polluted environment


  • Powered pallet trucks
  • Scissor lifts
  • Aerial platforms
  • Floor cleaning machines
  • Golf carts

720W Onboard Charger_Leaflet_EN_V2.3_02.20.2024