The CANopen Remote I/O Extension Module RTU-CN01 is be used as a CANopen slave and connects to the right-side Expansion Modules DVP-Slim for multi-point digital and analog inputs / outputs. It supports Process Data Object (PDO), Service Data Object (SDO), Synchronization Object (SYNC), Network Management Protocols (NMT) and Error Control.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

  • Connects the right-side Expansion Modules DVP-Slim and supports up to 128 DI points and 128 DO points
  • Connects up to 14 digital modules and special modules of the right-side Expansion Modules DVP-Slim, of which up to 8 special modules can be connected (such as analog modules, temperature modules, pulse modules and more)
  • The network configuration software:
    - provides the graphical configuration interface
    - automatically scans and recognizes extension modules
    - configures control registers (CR) of special modules as I/O data
    - Allows settings for error handling and error status diagnosis of each module
  • When disconnected from the master, the RTU-CN01 can either restore the last recorded output values of special / digital modules or return to zero
  • Compliant with the CANopen protocol DS301 V4.02
  • Supports CANopen NMT
  • Error Control supports the Heartbeat protocol
  • PDO service: up to 8 TxPDO and 8 RxPDO configurable
  • PDO transmission type: asynchronous, synchronous and cyclic, synchronous and acyclic
  • SDO service