MVF20 Series

Suitable for medium- and high-power motors

Delta’s MVF20 series is a highly integrated and high-performing variable-frequency device for general-purpose motor control applications. It provides excellent variable-speed control for relevant system fans, pumps, and compressors. The MVF20 series cabinet features an in-parallel cabinet design and is an MVD with high power density and a high space utilization rate.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
  • System voltage: 3.3–11 kV ±10%
  • Motor shaft power range: 250–10,900 kW
  • Requires no rear or side entry to perform repairs or maintenance, making it suitable for installation against walls
  • Motor cable entry is possible from the top or bottom

  • Control power: Single-phase 220 VAC; 5 kVA
  • System efficiency: >98.5% (at rated; excluding transformer)
  • Power factor: >0.96 (at rated)
  • Input current/output voltage harmonics: <5% (at rated), meeting IEEE519-1992 and GB/T 14549-93 standards
  • IGBT-based cascaded connection is used to achieve different working voltages; the waveform of multi-level output voltage approximates a sine wave
  • Overload capacity: 110% 1 min/10 min
  • IP rating: IP31
  • Cooling method: Forced air cooling
  • Control method: V/F control; vector control with speed sensor (SVC); sensorless vector control (SLVC)
  • Control function: acceleration/deceleration speed selection, frequency skipping, automatic voltage regulation (AVR), flying start, field weakening, adaptive deceleration, input undervoltage derating, low-voltage ride through, automatic restart, multi-motor parameter storage
  • Human-machine interface: 7 inches, multi-language touch screen
  • Communication method: Modbus RTU
  • Fitted motor type: induction motor: squirrel cage motor and wound motor, synchronous motor: brushed excited motor