M80U / M60U

Delta’s M80U is the industry’s only 80kW inverter with an optimal cost and performance profile and the highest power density available in a string inverter. Along with the M60U, Delta’s largest string inverters provide unbeaten performance and the industry’s lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE), making them optimal building blocks for Commercial, Industrial and Utility-Scale installations.

With best-in-class efficiency, a rugged enclosure, and proven reliability, the M80U and M60U provide higher returns for your project. Designed, engineered and manufactured by Delta, you can depend on Delta’s best-in-class engineering and quality manufacturing.

The grid-tied, three-phase, transformerless inverters are designed for ease of installation fast commissioning, efficient servicing, and higher uptime.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

Optimal architecture

  • Leading power density with 80kW in 180lbs, 33% more power with only 10% more weight
  • M80U connects up to 18 strings per inverter, M60U connects 12 strings

Highest returns

  • 98.8% peak efficiency, 98.5% CEC efficiency
  • Dual MPPT and 200-1000Vdc wide input range
  • Rugged NEMA 4X construction


  • Commercial: Part of a full range of rugged NEMA 4X inverters from 28kW to 80kW, the Delta grid-tied three-phase RPI series inverters can maximize the solar potential of your commercial site
  • Industrial: Flexible mounting options work for rooftop, wall mount, or ground-mount applications with industry’s highest power density
  • Utility-Scale: The industry’s largest string inverter building block provides the advantages of string topology at a Utility-Scale
  • All regions: Built in rapid shutdown and smart grid technology is designed to meet new grid rules and requirements
  • Connected systems: State-of-the art communications enable systems to be monitored and managed with Delta or third-party systems

M80U Datasheet/2.77MB

M60U Datasheet/2.77MB