CTA series

CTA Timer/Counter/Tachometer is able to receive external input signals and calculate the times of events, frequency and driving speed. CTA can be applied to batch counting, total counting, length measurement, position control, accurate timing, rotation speed and so on.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits
CTA Timer/Counter/Tachometer features easy and handy parameter settings and tuning and are certified by international standards CE and UL.

Label printers, cut-to-length machines

  • Panel size: 48mm x 48mm
  • Power input: 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz or DC24V
  • Range of input voltage: 85%~110%, rated voltage or DC21.6V~26.4V
  • Power consumption: less than 10VA or 5W
  • External power supply: 12VDC ± 10%; 100mA
  • Display: Double-line 6-digit LCD display
  • NPN input: ON impedance 1K ohm max. ON residual voltage: 2V max.
  • PNP input: high level: 4.5~30VDC; low level: 0~2VDC
  • Dielectric strength: 2,000VAC; 50/60Hz for 1 minute