The TP70P Series adopts a 65535 colors LCD touchscreen, supports Delta's controllers, and can be connected to all series of Delta's AC servo drives, AC motor drives, and temperature controllers. With four models providing different I/O configurations and supporting various output types, the TP70P Series' high flexibility saves wiring cost and offers the best HMI and I/O control solution.

Product Introduction

  1. 7" Touch Panel HMI with Built-in PLC
  2. All-in-one designed for low cost stand-alone applications
  3. TFT-LCD resistive touch screen with 65,535 color display
  4. Provides various graphical objects including: X-Y curves, circular meters, bar charts, sliders, and historical/real-time alarms
  5. Adopts the core of the DVP-SS2 Series PLC: Program capacity = 4k steps, D device = 5k words
  6. Four models with different digital and analog I/O terminal configurations for on-board back-side wiring
  7. Built-in USB port for program upload/download and connection monitor with ISPsoft & TPEditor software
  8. Two Built-in RS-485 port
  9. Supports MODBUS ASCII/RTU modes
  10. Supports direct connection to Delta devices including: ASDA Series Servo Drives, C2000 & M300 series AC Motor VFD, and Temperature Controllers.
  11. Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC)
  12. 64M flash memory
  13. 0-50C Operating temperature
  14. IP65/NEMA4, CE, UL

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