DMP-200 Series HV Generator, 1 Phase Input Power

Low-Bed X-Ray Machine with User-Friendly Design for Diagnosis Involving Mobility-Impaired Patients
The DMP-200 applies a flat design for medical low-bed DR systems. It is useful for applications where space constraints are a major consideration. With 450-kHz high-frequency performance, it improves image quality by effectively reducing ripple and noise. Combined with a universal 100–240 VAC input standard, 2-speed motor starter, and AEC/DAP peripheral connectivity, it satisfies the needs of medical equipment system manufacturers. The whole series supports 1 phase input power and supplies energy packs, suitable for applications where power supply is unstable or limited.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • Digital control circuit enhances performance and accuracy
  • 450-kHz high frequency performance
  • Energy storage pack inside
  • Universal 100–240 VAC input
  • Connects to AEC/DAP peripherals
  • External large capacitor bank (DMP-200 40kW)

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