DMP-300 X-ray Generator for Mobile X-ray System

DMP-300 Series
Diagnostic X-ray High Voltage Generator

For mobile DR System
The DMP-300 X-ray Generator is designed for medical mobile DR systems. With a maximum power of 50 kW and high-frequency output of 450 kHz, the DMP-300 can effectively improve DR system performance. Its compact 3U-NCM Li-based battery and built-in energy storage pack lengthen operation times, which extends battery life. The DMP-300 is the most powerful heart for medical DR mobile systems.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • 50kW output reduces exposure time for higher-quality images
  • High-capacity 3U-NCM Li-based battery extends operation time
  • 12/24/105 VDC auxiliary power simplifies system integration
  • Digital control circuit enhances performance and accuracy
  • Built-in energy storage system extends the battery life
  • Modular design for flexible space configuration

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