DELab μCT-100X High Resolution Desktop Micro CT

The DELab μCT-100X Micro Computed Tomography (Micro CT) is a non-destructive, high resolution 3D X-ray imaging system designed for ex vivo biological samples as well as samples from geological, archeological, paleontological, material science, food science and other research fields. With pixel size down to 1 μm, it is able to reconstruct the detailed internal structure and perform section view at any angle without damaging the sample, saving research lead time and effort significantly.

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits


  • Accurately capture detailed internal structures
  • Transmission X-ray tube for 1-μm high-quality images
  • Efficient image reconstruction for 3D modeling
  • Designed for safety, stability, and availability
  • Non-destructive inspection

Software Highlights

  • Batch reconstruction
  • Sub volume reconstruction
  • Phase contrast enhancement
  • User friendly interface